Joshua Yates

Joshua Yates


Web Components as Micro Apps

Web Components are custom HTML Elements and are part of the browser specification

Just like regular HTML tags, they can be used on any HTML platform and be part of any build process.

Web Components allow applications to be built using a range of frameworks that are ‘exported’ as Web Components.

Web Components are true micro-services and micro-apps.

In this workshop, we use a sSTEP BY STEP process to build a range of Web Components that focus on data-driven APIs enabling functionality and content to be deployed in any app or website.

The first part of the workshop focuses on the core theory of Web Components.

In the second part we build highly functional Web Components that connect to a back end database and have AJAX forms, Lazy Loading techniques, authentication and the use of IndexedDB to enable ‘instant’ and offline pages.

Although not covered in this workshop, we will add a service worker and manifest file to create an installable PWA.

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Web Components as Micro Apps