Overview of JavaScript Data Tables

Overview of JavaScript Data Tables

A developer runs through several options available in the market for teams that need to add customizable, JavaScrip-based data tables to their web applications.

When developing a data-intensive business web application, you will certainly require a data table (also known as a grid table or data grid). It is a key UI element for organizing large amounts of data in a tabular form and thereby enabling end-users to conveniently interact with it. The implementation of this functionality can have a great impact on important parameters such as performance and user experience.

Therefore, it is often recommended to utilize ready-made JavaScript data tables. They have various useful features and help make the coding part much faster. But the big issue here is choosing the right grid tool from an array of products available on the market.

Let us review ten popular commercial JavaScript grid libraries and UI widgets, and highlight their main features to see how they can benefit web developers and end-users.


ag-Grid is a JavaScript data grid used for displaying large amounts of data in an Excel-like style. It is specifically designed for enterprise-grade applications to facilitate data analysis and reporting. Apart from standard grid features (column interactions, sorting, row selection), you can equip your app with more complex functionalities such as integrated charting, grouping and pivoting, live streaming updates, and others. Auxiliary tool panels offer fast and convenient access to grid operations.

AG Grid

With ag-Grid, you can change the overall grid appearance by applying predefined customizable themes or create your own. More specific modifications, like the styling of rows and cells are performed via CSS. The cell content is altered via cell editors. Enhanced grid performance is achieved through the use of row and column virtualization, event propagation, animation frames, and other techniques.

All technical aspects of using ag-Grid and its feature set with different frameworks are explained in the documentation section.

Compatible with: Angular, React, Vue.js, Polymer Exporting formats: Excel, CSV Trial version: ag-Grid Price: from $750

Bryntum Grid

Bryntum Grid is a JavaScript grid component based on the ES2020 standard. It ships with a range of features that are commonly expected from a grid in business apps, including a reordering of rows and columns, cell editing, searching and filtering, and scrollable grid sections. Interestingly, the component can also be complemented with a tree view. The visual appearance of your grid is defined using SASS-based themes, renderer functions, and normal CSS.

Bryntum Grid

Bryntum Grid utilizes various methods to ensure increased rendering and scrolling performance such as virtual rendering, application of reusable grid elements, and CSS optimizations. The grid can be configured to run properly on different screen sizes. A flexible API enables you to override almost any part of the codebase. By default, all data is loaded in JSON, but it is also possible to use custom data formats. The component is unit tested with the Siesta testing tool.

Check out the documentation page, including API overview and demos on grid features, to become familiar with Bryntum Grid and its functional capabilities in more detail.

Compatible with: React, Vue.js, Angular, Ext JS Exporting formats: PDF, PNG Trial version: Bryntum Grid Price: from $850


DHTMLX Grid is a lightweight UI widget with a modern default look that allows building feature-rich JavaScript data tables of any complexity with touch support. A rich and simple API of this component makes it easy to specify many additional capabilities for your grid. For instance, you can highlight any specific parts (header, footer, cells with min or max values), align columns, adjust columns’ width to their footer, enable/disable tooltips, and apply auto-width.


High performance and a variety of useful features, such as rows’ and columns’ drag-and-drop, numerous sorting and filtering options, multiselection of cells, frozen columns, multiline text in columns, in-cell editing, dynamic loading, keyboard navigation, etc., ensure a positive and productive user experience. DHTMLX Grid allows presenting any numerical data in the desired way, thanks to the availability of various number formats. Special templates open up a possibility to create custom tooltips containing any HTML content for clarifying grid data. Using multiple event listeners, you can make data tables more interactive. It is possible to load data in tables from local or external sources in various formats (JSON, XML, CSV). Apps based on this JavaScript data table can be quickly and seamlessly complemented with other UI components from DHTMLX Suite with the help of Optimus micro-framework.

The documentation page contains many step-by-step guides, therefore you won’t need much time to start using DHTMLX Grid. Interactive samples help you explore all features of this grid widget, while demo apps show examples of how this product can be applied in real-world scenarios.

Compatible with: React, Angular, Vue.js Exporting formats: Excel, CSV Trial version: DHTMLX Grid Price: from $339

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