Learn Statistics - Poisson regression model

Learn Statistics - Poisson regression model

This video lecture by Dr. Gabriele Durrant Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) introduces Poisson regression, a form of regression analysis...


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Poisson Regression | Poisson Regression Model

In statistics, Poisson regression is a generalized linear model form of regression analysis used to model count data and contingency tables. Poisson regression assumes the response variable Y has a Poisson distribution, and assumes the logarithm of its expected value can be modeled by a linear combination of unknown parameters. A Poisson regression model is sometimes known as a log-linear model, especially when used to model contingency tables.

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Machine learning algorithms are not your regular algorithms that we may be used to because they are often described by a combination of some complex statistics and mathematics.

Statistical Modeling In Python’s Statsmodels: Logistic Regression

Statistical-model fitting and analysis of results, visualization techniques, and prediction of the outcomes. This article will explain a statistical modeling technique with an example. I will explain a logistic regression modeling for binary outcome variables here.