JavaScript Features Every Developer Should Know

JavaScript Features Every Developer Should Know

In this tutorial, i will show you some javascript features every developer should know. Use these tips and tricks for your next JavaScript project.

Before JavaScript was created, web pages were only static and lacked the capability for dynamic behavior. However, in 1995, the folks over at Netscape decided to tackle this issue and got to work adding a scripting language to their proprietary web browser. What they came up with instead was a completely new programming language which we now know as JavaScript.

Today, over 97% of all websites use JS as their client-side programming language and it is arguably the most popular programming language in existence. Since becoming an EMCA standard in 1997, there have been numerous improvements and updates to the language; including many built-in features and methods. While developers may be familiar with the commonly used ones such as .forEach().map() , .sort(), and the increment/decrement ( ++/--) operators, there is a plethora of these features that can contribute to code optimization.

Here are a few that every developer should know.

The Comma Operator

The comma operator (,) evaluates its operands from left to right and returns the value of the last operand. It allows the creation of a compound expression in which multiple expressions are evaluated, with the final value being the value of the rightmost of its member expressions. The comma operator is commonly used to provide multiple parameters to a for loop.


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