Gatsby Page Queries with Environment Variables

Gatsby Page Queries with Environment Variables

Learn GatsbyJS Page Queries with environment variables while implementing a Markdown Publishing Workflow. These come in two flavors: Page Queries at the bottom of pages in the src\pages folder. Gatsby runs createPage() on these automatically. You cannot pass variables directly to these queries during the auto build.

Learn GatsbyJS Page Queries with environment variables while implementing a Markdown Publishing Workflow

The core issue we’ll cover is using environment variables with page queries for pages in the src\pages folder. This is apparently a common problem (example). I definitely struggled with it before I got it working. We’ll also cover page queries, variables, and the createPage action.

The Markdown Publishing Workflow:

My blog uses the Gatsby Starter Blog, which loads blog articles from Markdown (MD) files. It lists and loads ALL the blog articles whether you are done writing them or not.

I want a standard publishing workflow: articles will be shown on the web site based on their “status”. Status can be “draft”, “published” or “archived”.

I want “published” and “draft” articles to be published when I’m in “gatsby develop” mode. I can then see what draft articles will look like as I edit/save them.

When I run gatsby build; gatsby serve, I want to only show articles that have status = “published”. That is best accomplished using _environment variables (env vars). _Env vars are most useful when you want to store information that changes (aka a variable) based on which mode (dev vs prod) or which location (China vs USA) you are publishing into.

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