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Why Cox Email Not Sending on Windows 10 and How to Troubleshoot It?

When you choose Cox's high-speed internet connection, you will get 10 Cox email accounts with 2 GB storage space each. Cox email overall performance and the user interface are also amazing. Along with it, the safety feature in Cox's email is also good.

Although, despite all these features, users might face different issues and errors in Cox's email. The issue is related to Cox email not sending on Windows 10. But don't worry, as you can troubleshoot the issue smoothly by checking out the below-mentioned steps.

Main Reasons for

Let's discuss the primary cause for Cox email issues; check out the steps mentioned below:

Slow or Unstable Internet Connection To load your email smoothly, it is essential that the internet connection is working fine without any interruption. If you are not connected to reliable internet, then you might face issues while using Cox email.

Windows Firewall and Antivirus Software

Sometimes, Cox email issues also arise because your Windows firewall and antivirus might create a hindrance in the working of Cox email.

2. Using Wrong Username or Password

Several login issues occurred because you forgot the Cox email password. Along with it, users can also make typing errors while entering the username and password.

3. Using Cox Email on Incompatible Browser or Device

In case Cox's email is not loading or opening, then the culprit might be the browser.

How to Deal with Cox Email Not Sending on Windows 10

Try to send an email to yourself; if you don't receive an email in your inbox, it states that Cox email is facing trouble or not working properly.

Check your email in other folders within Cox email accounts that include spam, trash, etc.

Along with it, check the filters of the Cox email account and check if the new incoming emails are not being filtered out.

Ensure that you have not blocked the sender or recipient.

Also, make sure that the recipient or sender does not block you.

Check for the IMAP/ POP configuration settings. Keep in mind that you can't send an email if the Cox email SMTP server is not working.

Lastly, disable the antivirus software temporarily, which is installed on your device.


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