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23 Awesome React Native Forms Libraries You Should Know

React Native Select Picker

Customized select picker (just like <select> in html) that renders the same on iOS and Android

"React Native Select Picker"

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React Native Form4u

A React Native form builder, simple, light and fast !

  • Define fields using a simple json file. Any kind of react-native field or valid component is accepted;
  • Define field validation with the flexibility of using a JavaScript function to return the erros;
  • Define your own callback function to handle form submission;
  • Package comes with a full Sign Up login screen example.

"React Native Form4u"


  • Prevents submit dirty forms
  • Initialize fields with default values
  • Default mask types for most common field types, like datetime, only number, zip code, currency, Brazilian CPF/CNPJ
  • Use custom masks with help of react-native-masked-text
  • Supports custom validations
  • Implements default validations for common field types (email)
  • Define your own Form style
  • Define your own Field style
  • Uses Nativebase components

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Expo Data Forms

Create beautiful forms that submit data to redux, a graphql mutation, or an api in many different input types
Create beautiful forms that submit data to redux, a graphql mutation, or an api in many different input types. The goal of this repo is to seperate semantics (form fields) from the API from User Interface of showing editable and savable database data from any mutation, where data can have any type.

"Expo Data Forms"

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React Native Form Validator

React native form validator is a simple library to validate your form fiels with React Native. The library is voluntarily easy to use. You juste have to extends the “ValidationComponent” class on your desired React native form component.

"React Native Form Validator"

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React Cross Forms

Forms with validation for your ReactJS apps!

"React Cross Forms"

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React Native Image Picker Form

A React Native component factory to use with tcomb-form-native library. Currently using react-native-image-crop-picker to provide image selection.

"React Native Image Picker Form"

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React Native Checkbox Form

react-native-checkbox-form is a simple checkbox’s component, it works on Android and iOS, The Icon is used in the checkbox-form depends on react-native-vector-icons,

"React Native Checkbox Form"

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Tcomb Form Native

tcomb-form-native is looking for maintainers. If you’re interested in helping, a great way to get started would just be to start weighing-in on GitHub issues, reviewing and testing some PRs.

"Tcomb Form Native"

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React Native Form Builder

If you’re looking for a better form management library with more advanced features, Please check out React Reactive Form.

"React Native Form Builder"


  • Generate Form Fields UI
  • Manage, track state & values of fields
  • Automatically manages focus to next field on submit (TextInput)
  • Handle all keyboard related problems smartly
  • Supports custom validations & nested forms
  • Uses Nativebase components

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React Reactive Form

Angular like reactive forms in React.
It’s a library inspired by the Angular’s Reactive Forms, which allows to create a tree of form control objects in the component class and bind them with native form control elements.

"React Reactive Form"


  • UI independent.
  • Zero dependencies.
  • Nested forms.
  • Subscribers for value & status changes of controls.
  • Provides a set of validators & also supports custom sync & async validators.
  • FormGenerator api to create large forms with less code.
  • Better form management with FormGroup & FormArray apis.
  • Customizable update strategy for better performace with large forms.

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React Native Instagram Login

a react native instagram login component (support android & ios). Pull requests are welcome!

"React Native Instagram Login"

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React Native Advanced Forms

Flexible React Native architecture for building and managing forms

"React Native Advanced Forms"


  • Cross-platform (iOS, Android)
  • Allow for flexible form layouts
  • Easily manage and validate field input values
  • Auto-focussing of next field for better user experience
  • Easily integrate your own custom components
  • Component-based - use with or without Redux
  • Compatible with React Native 0.40+
  • Successfully used in production apps

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Input Number

React Input Number http://react-component.github.io/input-number/

"Input Number"

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Redux Form

A Higher Order Component using react-redux to keep form state in a Redux store https://redux-form.com

"Redux Form"

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React Native Gifted Form

One React-Native form component to rule them all

"React Native Gifted Form"

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Tcomb Form Native

tcomb-form-native is looking for maintainers. If you’re interested in helping, a great way to get started would just be to start weighing-in on GitHub issues, reviewing and testing some PRs.

"Tcomb Form Native"

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React Native Foect

Simple form validation library for React Native.

"React Native Foect"

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React Native Formik

Build forms in React, without the tears 😭 https://jaredpalmer.com/formik

Let’s face it, forms are really verbose in React. To make matters worse, most form helpers do wayyyy too much magic and often have a significant performance cost associated with them. Formik is a small library that helps you with the 3 most annoying parts:

Getting values in and out of form state
Validation and error messages
Handling form submission
By colocating all of the above in one place, Formik will keep things organized–making testing, refactoring, and reasoning about your forms a breeze.

"React Native Formik"

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React Native Form Generator


  • Android and IOS support, Yeah Baby!
  • Pleasant Defaults, totally overridable
  • Doesn’t have dependencies
  • Use your own icon pack
  • Easy to use and clean, react style syntax
  • Automatic events handling
  • Supports custom fields and styles without adding any weird syntax (just create a react component)
  • Applies by default the current OS style
  • Inspired by tcomb, the good parts
  • Performances: just the field changed gets a setState
  • You don’t need to create a ‘Model’ or a ‘Struct’ that contains your data, just create a form component (the React’s way)
  • Validate InputFields based on keyboardType (can be overridden using validationFunction)
  • Multiple validators
  • Reset/Set Fields programmatically (setValue, setDate, setTime, focus)
  • Custom Wrapper for Picker & DatePicker Components (iOS Only)

"React Native Form Generator"

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React Native Forms

[Deprecated] A simple, declarative API for creating cross-platform, native-appearing forms with React Native
I wrote this library two years ago for a use-case at work, when React Native was still quite young, comparatively. I open sourced it in the general spirit of sharing code that had been useful to me, but with the vicissitudes of life being what they are, I didn’t have the opportunity to keep it up to date, and it’s become very antiquated. If you want to use it, go for it! But because I no longer use React Native at work, I don’t have time to update this or add features, though I will take PRs and potentially give an active contributor maintenance rights over the repo, if they find it useful to work on. For similiar UI functionality within a much larger and better-maintained project, I’d recommend checking out React Native Elements. There are plenty of other better alternatives as well. Thanks for stopping by!

"React Native Forms"

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React Native Fm Form

FM Form is a module for React Native to fast generate pages with a form. It works like Backbone forms. Using this module you can generate a page in 5 minutes!

Currently only support iOS!!!

I build this module because I am lazy… The original purpose of this project is for me to develop an app faster. I believe there are many bugs and design issue. If you are interesting in this project please help me improve it!

"React Native Fm Form"

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React Native Clean Form

Easy react-native forms using bootstrap-like syntax with redux-form+immutablejs integration. Styled using styled-components http://esbenp.github.io/2017/01/06/react-native-redux-form-immutable-styled-components/

"React Native Clean Form"

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23 Awesome React Native Forms Libraries You Should Know
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How native is React Native? | React Native vs Native App Development

If you are undertaking a mobile app development for your start-up or enterprise, you are likely wondering whether to use React Native. As a popular development framework, React Native helps you to develop near-native mobile apps. However, you are probably also wondering how close you can get to a native app by using React Native. How native is React Native?

In the article, we discuss the similarities between native mobile development and development using React Native. We also touch upon where they differ and how to bridge the gaps. Read on.

A brief introduction to React Native

Let’s briefly set the context first. We will briefly touch upon what React Native is and how it differs from earlier hybrid frameworks.

React Native is a popular JavaScript framework that Facebook has created. You can use this open-source framework to code natively rendering Android and iOS mobile apps. You can use it to develop web apps too.

Facebook has developed React Native based on React, its JavaScript library. The first release of React Native came in March 2015. At the time of writing this article, the latest stable release of React Native is 0.62.0, and it was released in March 2020.

Although relatively new, React Native has acquired a high degree of popularity. The “Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019” report identifies it as the 8th most loved framework. Facebook, Walmart, and Bloomberg are some of the top companies that use React Native.

The popularity of React Native comes from its advantages. Some of its advantages are as follows:

  • Performance: It delivers optimal performance.
  • Cross-platform development: You can develop both Android and iOS apps with it. The reuse of code expedites development and reduces costs.
  • UI design: React Native enables you to design simple and responsive UI for your mobile app.
  • 3rd party plugins: This framework supports 3rd party plugins.
  • Developer community: A vibrant community of developers support React Native.

Why React Native is fundamentally different from earlier hybrid frameworks

Are you wondering whether React Native is just another of those hybrid frameworks like Ionic or Cordova? It’s not! React Native is fundamentally different from these earlier hybrid frameworks.

React Native is very close to native. Consider the following aspects as described on the React Native website:

  • Access to many native platforms features: The primitives of React Native render to native platform UI. This means that your React Native app will use many native platform APIs as native apps would do.
  • Near-native user experience: React Native provides several native components, and these are platform agnostic.
  • The ease of accessing native APIs: React Native uses a declarative UI paradigm. This enables React Native to interact easily with native platform APIs since React Native wraps existing native code.

Due to these factors, React Native offers many more advantages compared to those earlier hybrid frameworks. We now review them.

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Factors affecting the cost of hiring a React Native developer in USA - TopDevelopers.co

Want to develop app using React Native? Here are the tips that will help to reduce the cost of react native app development for you.
Cost is a major factor in helping entrepreneurs take decisions about investing in developing an app and the decision to hire react native app developers in USA can prove to be fruitful in the long run. Using react native for app development ensures a wide range of benefits to your business. Understanding your business and working on the aspects to strengthen business processes through a cost-efficient mobile app will be the key to success.

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How much does it cost to develop a React Native mobile app?

React Native allows developers to develop mobile apps that have compatibility with Android, iOS & other operating systems. Due to the features like Native-like functionality and single code reusability and the access of various frameworks in the market, React Native has excelled as the most suitable framework for cross-platform mobile app development.

Why Do Businesses Prefer React Native App Development?

React Native is integrated with JS library that works as the fundamental for developing the app UI. Most businesses choose for developing React Native apps just due to their cross-platform & open-source features. A few further reasons why entrepreneurs & developers choose React Native app development include:

• Lowered Expedition Time

• Simple UI

• Cross-Platform and Code Sharing

• Lesser Workforce and Resources

• Community Assistance

• In-Built Elements and Reusable Codes

• Hot Reload

• JavaScript as Programming Language

• Easy to Execute Updates

Factors That Decide Cost of React Native App Development

If you are an entrepreneur or start-up and looking for cost-effective app development, React Native is one of the ideal options available out there.

• App’s UI/UX Design

• User Authorization

• App Complexity and Functionality

• App Development Team

• App Maintenance

• App Add-ons

• App Distribution

• Location of Development Company

• App Category

React Native cost depends widely on the complexity of a project or the app requirements. The price may also vary based on business requirements. React Native app development per hour can cost from $20 and $30 per hour in India. It can vary as per different locations.

Is React Native a good choice for mobile apps development?

Yes, React Native is the best choice for mobile app development as React apps are faster to develop and it offers better quality than hybrid apps. Additionally, React Native is a mature cross-platform framework.

Best React Native App Development Agency

AppClues Infotech is a leading React Native App Development Company in USA that build robust & innovative mobile app as per your specific business needs. They have a dedicated team of designers and programmers help to make a perfect mobile app.

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