Magalix Product Update

Magalix Product Update

We have extended your ability to enforce security, reliability, and best practices policies through KubeAdvisor, by allowing you to write your own policies. Join now to see what you are missing · Find people you know at Magalix Corporation · Browse recommended jobs for you · View all updates, news, and articles.

What’s New?

1- Extended Governance Using KubeAdvisor 2.0

We have extended your ability to enforce security, reliability, and best practices policies through KubeAdvisor 2.0, by allowing you to write your own policies against the following K8s object types:

  • Network (Ingress, Services, Network Policies)
  • Storage (PV, PVC, and Storage Classes)
  • Access Control (ClusterRoleBinding, ClusterRole, RoleBinding, Role, ServiceAccount)
  • Nodes

We also added new dashboards for each of the mentioned object groups, so you have better visibility of each group’s compliances and violations.

You can read more about getting started with KubeAdvisor here.

2- Built-in Node Policies

We have released a new set of policies that target your clusters nodes to ensure you have the right configurations for them to help you manage them at scale. To read more about these policies check our documentation here

3- Rego Playground

We have released a rego playground for you to help you author your rego and test them out before using them in your KubeAdvisor policies. You will be able to test out your Rego against a spec you have or better against an existing object YAML spec from your cluster.

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