How to Integrate Geolocation Into Your PWA

How to Integrate Geolocation Into Your PWA

Detect the user’s location by using the Geolocation API, or to be more specific, by using the navigator.geolocation object within it.

Suppose that the user is on a supported browser, you can get your PWA to detect the user’s location pretty easily by using the Geolocation API, or to be more specific, by using the navigator.geolocation object within it. Here’s how you do it right in your PWA:



  • Solid JavaScript & HTML knowledge
  • A working** PWA** served over HTTPS (in case you don’t yet have a PWA for practicing purposes, we’ve written a guide which should walk you through the whole process of creating your first PWA).

Geolocation in action

You’re probably no stranger to geolocation by now. With your permission, a website that has geolocation integrated can access your location, using which it can display relevant information in your area, or simply show your location on the map.

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