What Every Technical Founder Should Know About DevOps

What Every Technical Founder Should Know About DevOps

If you're a technical founder assessing the viability of adopting DevOps, this handy overview will help you make a clearheaded assessment.

DevOps is one of the most talked-about software development methodologies in today's tech industry. Several leading companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Etsy, and Facebook have applied DevOps in their organizations. In fact, it's taken for granted that every technology company, startup or multinational, should adopt DevOps in some capacity. It has become essential for the growth of every business due to reliably increasing demand for software and applications.

As a CTO, you don't want your team wasting time by handling development and operations separately. The legacy approach where developers write code and administrators perform deployment and integration has now changed. As a technical founder, the following are the key aspects of DevOps that you should be aware of.

What is DevOps?

You likely already know that DevOps stands for development and operations. More conceptually, DevOps can be defined as a cross-disciplinary community of practice committed to the study of building, evolving, and operating rapidly changing, flexible systems at scale.

In other words, it is a practice where development and operation engineers work together through the entire life cycle of service, from design to development, to complete production. Thus, teamwork is a crucial part of DevOps culture because the project’s success is contingent on it.

Why should every software company adopt DevOps?

When you properly implement DevOps, all of the members of your team combine their varied skillsets and strengths to build a product. Companies can gain various benefits from DevOps.

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