The World-Class Data Scientist

The World-Class Data Scientist

Don’t be a good one: be World-Class. To call yourself a success in any field is a subjective matter so it’s important to first know what you want out of a journey.

We’ve all seen the ‘controversial’ Medium articles that say that MOOC’s don’t make you a Data Scientist, and also the ones that say you should get Certificates accredited by various organizations to prove that you’re actually worthy of calling yourself a Data Scientist.

Whilst it may be true that these various pathways alter the chances of success, are they really sufficient in being able to call yourself a successful Data Scientist?

To call yourself a success in any field is a subjective matter so it’s important to first know what you want out of a journey. Do you want Money? Freedom? Do you want to just have a casual understanding or do you want to go toe-to-toe with the world's best academics?

To be a success , or even world class is something that I think is hugely subject and changes over time, but from my experience of working under and with some of the best minds in the world: the following are simply perquisites:

Know what you don’t know

What’s your goal and where do you see yourself 10 years from now? When I started on my journey, I was 19 and had a vague picture of where I wanted to go and like many of my contemporaries, serendipity played a big hand on the path I took.

A good teacher and a good guide is a fantastic starting point. Speak to your role model and if you don’t have one: find one. Then you need to make a list of everything you need to know and cross-check your current knowledge set against where you stand.

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