Artificial Intelligence Tutorial - AI Full Course

Artificial Intelligence Tutorial - AI Full Course

This video on the Artificial Intelligence tutorial will make you learn in detail about the different concepts involved in AI. First, you will understand the basics of AI.

Since AI is a combination of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, you will learn about Machine Learning with hands-on demo. Then, you will get an idea about the top 10 applications of Machine Learning. This tutorial will also help you learn about Deep Learning in Python using TensorFlow. You will come across some essential Deep Learning applications. Finally, you will learn how to become an AI Engineer and look at some vital machine learning and deep learning interview questions. Now, let's dive in and learn artificial intelligence in detail.

Below topics are explained in this Artificial Intelligence tutorial:

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (0:33)
  2. What is Artificial Intelligence (06:20)
  3. Brief history of Artificial Intelligence (07:16)
  4. Types of Artificial Intelligence (10:25)
  5. Artificial of Artificial Intelligence (13:23)
  6. Future of Artificial Intelligence (14:56)
  7. Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs Artificial Intelligence (16:15)
  8. Human vs Artificial Intelligence (19:36)
  9. What is Machine Learning and Deep Learning? (21:33)
  10. Real-life examples (31:31)
  11. Types of Artificial Intelligence (33:49)
  12. Machine Learning tutorial (42:38)
  13. Why Machine Learning (43:12)
  14. What is Machine Learning (47:19)
  15. Types of Machine Learning (54:01)
  16. Supervised Learning (54:13)
  17. Reinforcement Learning (56:35)
  18. Supervised vs Unsupervised (57:54)
  19. Machine Learning Algorithms (59:12)
  20. Linear regression (1:01:00)
  21. Decision trees (1:08:12)
  22. Support Vector Machine (1:16:31)
  23. Clustering (1:44:56)
  24. K-means clustering (1:45:45)
  25. Logistic Regression (2:15:19)
  26. Applications of Machine Learning (2:39:40)
  27. What is Deep Learning? (2:44:36)
  28. What is a Neural Network? (2:46:46)
  29. Machine Learning Interview Questions & Answers (0:20:50)

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