Upcoming Improvements to angular Library Distribution

Upcoming Improvements to angular Library Distribution

Upcoming improvements to Angular library distribution. Version 6 of Angular Now Available. Version 7 of Angular — CLI Prompts, Virtual Scroll, Drag and Drop and more. Which has its own maintenance cost and would slow us down from evolving Angular. We released a preview implementation as part of Angular v11.2.

TLDR; In v12, we’ll deprecate our legacy compilation and rendering pipeline called View Engine. This change will not require any action by developers. Libraries dependent on View Engine will continue to work as expected via our compatibility compiler `ngcc_`. If you’re a library author or interested in understanding technical details, please continue reading the sections below._

Angular’s new rendering and compilation pipeline, Ivy, has been the developers’ default experience for the past year. To ensure interoperability with the old pipeline, we maintain compatibility layers that have implications on development experience. In this post, you’ll learn our plan for moving away from the legacy compiler towards faster compilation and simplicity.

Ivy has been a multi-year effort to make Angular simpler, faster, and easier to maintain. We’ve been fine-tuning the balance between static checks and dynamic constructs to ensure Angular continues to provide type checking, efficient build-time optimizations, and fast change detection.

Starting with version 9, we enabled Ivy for all-new Angular applications and provided a smooth, automated  update path. To ensure backward compatibility of applications with libraries using the previous rendering and compilation pipeline (View Engine), we developed a compatibility compiler called ngcc.You’ve probably noticed ngcc run after you create a new project or install a dependency.

Running the Angular compatibility compiler

Running the Angular compatibility compiler

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