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                                            Fresher Interview Tips  

After finishing Graduation /Post Graduation the next obvious step is to get a Job. However, if you are still Jobless or not succeeding in Interviews, here are the top five reasons why that is happening. APPLYING FOR AS MANY JOB POSTING AS YOU CAN. 🙄 When you do this, instead of increasing your chances of getting an interview you actually reduce it. Because there is a strong possibility of same recruiter or same company putting up the job opening for 10 different requirements where they need freshers and if your resume pop’s up for all of these openings, it makes you look like someone who is not clear on what they want to do and no company would like to waste their time on such candidates. COPY-PASTING SOMEONE ELSE’S RESUME. 🤥 Copy pasting your friends resume or some resume you liked while googling is a grave mistake. You might get good format, action words, or beautifully written lines, but it will not be about you or what you have done. While you can copy a good formatted Resume, the word usage & sentence formation has to be as per what specialization you have mastered, what project work you have done. Making your Resume will give you more confidence in your abilities. Also, it will help you avoid making the same mistake which the other person would have done in their resume. resume making tips will help for resume making for freshers and experience

NOT PREPARING FOR THE INTERVIEW. While confidence is good - thinking that you are well prepared for Interviews, but not preparing yourself as per the company’s culture or specifications mentioned in Job Description will land you back to square one. Hence no matter how well you have prepared beforehand, always go through the company's profile, Job Description and your Resume making for freshers and prepare for fresher interview questions a day before your actual interview. NOT TAKING THE INITIAL PHONE CALL SERIOUSLY We all know, if you are there on any Job Portal you might get a call from a recruiter, placement agency or directly from the company itself. In such a scenario be prepared to expect a call. Do not be rude to the recruiter thinking that he/she is not the one who will get me a Job … well they are the ones who open the doors to the organization. Always be polite, courteous and attentive to what they are asking as this is the preliminary round where it is being assessed that if you are worth shortlisting for the Job. NOT CLEAR IN YOUR JOB OBJECTIVE. Just applying for a Job because the said company is a good brand, or they pay well is never going to get you a job in that organization. Think through as to why you want to work with a particular company. What are the products or services they are into and how working for them will help you enhance your skill set which you have acquired in your Graduation or Post Graduation, Or how does the company align with how you want to build your career? If you have faced a similar situation in your past Job Interviews or you felt there were any other reasons because of which you were not selected …. Do share in your thoughts …. I would love to hear from you!!!

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