What is Slogging? - Turn Slack Conversations into Blog Posts

What is Slogging? - Turn Slack Conversations into Blog Posts

Create beautiful forms easily.

Your Slack? Insightful Words every day by your highly intelligent people.

Your Company's Blog? Not so much.

Everyday, amazing tech companies have tons of high-quality conversations. Conversations that could shape the future of the Internet. Conversations that prove the intelligence of your people and the values of your company. And yet, most tech companies are only publishing a blog post a week or less. Lots of remarkable content is lost to the ether forever, never marketing what you're about. Slogging is about elevating the best conversations you're already having.

The future of tech publishing revolves around transparency and distribution. To up your rate of quality publishing, Slogging will empower you to curate and distribute your best organic internal discussions via Hacker Noon.

How Slogging works:

One command to curate your most marketable Slack discussions into Hacker Noon stories.

Step1: Have a Great Slack Conversation. If you're a tech startup this is constantly already happening. Step 2: On the Slack Thread, Admin commands "..." -> Slogging. You can also add a suggested headline after the command. Step 3: The Thread Becomes a Beautifully Formatted Hacker Noon Draft. Via Hacker Noon, you can review/edit the story as much as you want before submitting, or automatically submit from Slack. Step 4: Editors Review Your Tech Conversation for Publication in Hacker Noon. Your tech conversation has the opportunity to reach our 3,000,000 monthly readers. You own the content, and can publish it anywhere else too

How to Start Slogging

Slogging is currently in beta and you can sign up via the waitlist here.

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