Understanding RegEx in JavaScript (the easy way)

Understanding RegEx in JavaScript (the easy way)

Expressions, in detail, may sound incredibly scary at first… In JavaScript regular expressions can be defined in two ways. what is a RegEx? A regular expression is a explained of characters that define a search pattern. Understanding RegEx in JavaScript (the easy way) Regular

Don’t get scared by RegEx! They are easier than you think!

In computer science, some topics may sound scarier than others. Regular Expressions, in detail, may sound incredibly scary at first… but once you got it, you’ll find ’em incredibly easy and useful!

Why do I need RegEx?

First of all: what is a RegEx? A Regular Expression is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern.

Let’s take an example: we have a string containing both numbers and letters, and we want to delete every non-letter character.

let myString = "j18av228asc839ript329 r929o28ck1s22!";

How can we delete every number from this string? This doesn’t feel like a great solution:

let myString = "j18av228asc839ript329 r929o28ck1s22!";

function deleteNumbers(string) {
  let newString = "";
  for (let i = 0; i < string.length; i++) {
      if (isNaN(parseInt(string[i]))) {
        newString += string[i];

  return newString;

// => "javascript rocks!"

Of course, the code above would work… but I think that we could do better using a simple RegEx:

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