A New Performance Mindset for Cloud Native Applications

Many organizations have radically changed the way they build software applications. They’ve gone all-in on agile development of cloud native apps, containerization and cloud architectures. This has changed many of the tasks development teams do on a daily basis.

New work cultures have sprung up around these different activities and workflows. There are, however, some aspects of these cultures — and developers’ thinking — that haven’t leapt quite as far forward as how they build apps. The way developers approach some parts of their jobs looks a lot like it did years ago, before agile and the cloud dominated the landscape.

One example of this is ensuring application performance. Despite how dynamic modern apps are now, being spun up or down on demand in just seconds, performance management is nowhere nearly as versatile. In many shops, app performance is still handled in ways that can only be described as legacy, reactive approaches and “old school” thinking.

This mismatch can cause a range of operational, financial and team problems. Let’s take a look at why this cultural disconnect exists and what organizations can do to fix it.

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A New Performance Mindset for Cloud Native Applications