Introduction to Kubernetes Networking

Introduction to Kubernetes Networking

Introduction to Kubernetes Networking will give you an introduction to popular DevOps tool - Kubernetes, and will deep dive into Kubernetes Networking concepts. What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes Cluster. Pods, Services & Ingress Networks. Container to Container communication. pod to pod communication. pod to service communication

Kubernetes Networking There are plenty of options when it comes to implementing networking in Kubernetes. A lot of freedom in implementing networking services is given by Kubernetes as long as you meet its three fundamental requirements:

  • All containers should be accessible to each other without NAT, regardless of which nodes they are on
  • All nodes should communicate with all containers
  • The IP container should see itself in the same way as others see it

Before we can understand Kubernetes networking we must first understand what we are trying to solve. There are 3 issues we need to solve in a Kubernetes cluster:

  • Container to Container communication
  • pod to pod communication
  • pod to service communication

Kubernetes has two simple but powerful network concepts: every Pod is connected to the same network, and Services let you talk to a Pod by name. Bryan will take you through how these concepts are implemented - Pod Networks via the Container Network Interface (CNI), Service Discovery via kube-dns and Service virtual IPs, then on to how Services are exposed to the rest of the world.

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