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Hunter Krajcik


Flutter Web: Should I use it? (Part 1 — SEO)

Many times online the question has been asked “Is flutter good for web”, and what many developers fail to truly understand is that is a very broad and open question and there are many factors that go into saying yes, no or maybe.

While I am most certainly no expert, I have been around the block for a little over a decade and have spent the last 2+ years working with flutter for mobile and web and have learned a few things, both before and during that, that gives me hopefully some useful insight into that question, insight that may help you answer that question for yourself.

The main problems that is highlighted is SEO, and the justifications given for that are Search Indexing capability or lack thereof , and Performance, which are very valid concerns in general, but there is actually more to it than that.

Search Indexing…

Let’s start with what is probably the most thrown around is the concern, that Flutter for the web is bad for indexing, as Flutter paints with canvas, it cannot be scrapped by current web scrapers (bots), however, I feel that most of the people screaming this from the rooftops have little to no understanding of what that actually means and seem to feel that your website is the one and the only thing you need to concern yourself when evaluating SEO and search rankings, which is impossibly far from the truth, that would be like saying that the sun would make a good holiday destination.

SEO is a massive thing, you could almost think about it as a living organism that evolves and grows with every interaction and encounter through its journey through the “world”. Search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms and scaling up their scrapers/bots to get the most accurate information possible, filter out the fake and the garbage and tailor the search results to be as relevant to YOU as they can, and this is even more so when it comes to Google.

Google has been keeping tabs on you for years, if not decades, it probably knows you better than you do yourself, and when using it, you are one of the biggest factors it considers when it considers how relevant a result is.

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Flutter Web: Should I use it? (Part 1 — SEO)