Rest Assured — Most Companies Aren’t Stealing Your Data

Rest Assured — Most Companies Aren’t Stealing Your Data

You’ve likely seen a fair amount in the news about how companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are hoarding every piece of information about their users they come in contact with.

Here’s what you need to know about your information in the hands of others.

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You’ve likely seen a fair amount in the news about how companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are hoarding every piece of information about their users they come in contact with. Sometimes it’s being used to better serve ads, or suggest products you might like; but most notably sold to others for profit.

I’m here to tell you, that’s not the case. At least for a majority of the smaller companies you interact with, because keeping data in today’s world is a burden. In fact, it’s a task forced upon the IT (Information Technology) side of any operation that takes a massive effort to manage properly — if those in charge are managing it at all.

What it Takes

It requires storing, tracking, auditing, searching, deleting, and building systems to capture and retain this data in the first place: all of which is essential to a successful business. This can be hard though. Especially when the level of effort to properly manage data increases exponentially as the data set grows. Thus leaving most smaller businesses without the resources to invest in larger management operations.

It just so happens that companies like Amazon and Google do though. Giving them the edge as they own, host, and manage massive data warehouses with scalable programming to help make this operation easier. These warehouses are capable of expanding quickly when needs arise, and allow the host to offer up those services to the other companies you interact with through the term “cloud” storage.

You might be asking, “Wouldn’t that mean that those smaller companies are giving our data to the big guys anyway?”

Well not quite. A majority of the time the data being stored is encrypted for legal or business practice reasons, meaning while they might have the data physically, they can’t actually access it. Think of it like giving your friend (who’s never played an instrument before) a bunch of sheet music to hold on to. They will have no way to read it without first being trained, or in this example, given the key to decipher it.

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