A Brief History of Web Authentication (part 2)

A Brief History of Web Authentication (part 2)

node.js guide to web authentication. So in the previous article, we discussed authentication procedures like encryption, hashing, salting, etc. Now that we have verified the user let's ...

So in the previous article, we discussed authentication procedures like encryption, hashing, salting, etc. Now that we have verified the user let’s concentrate on the session.

So what is this _session _and _cookie _thing?

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A story about Https

_Https _is basically a stateless protocol. What does it mean by _stateless _🤔? Basically, whenever we open chrome and search for something or hit an endpoint, a secure connection is established between the _server _and you (client). The _server _accepts your request, it does _authentication _in case you provided _id _and _password _and sends you back the information you asked. After that, the connection is closed. Next time you ask the server again, but the _server _doesn’t know who you are. If the information you are asking requires authentication, you have to put _id _and _password, _again and again, each time you query something.

One thing to remember that we should not use __Http __because it is not end-to-end encrypted, so anybody can tap into the channel, have a look in the data inside it, and ah-ha! You are hacked!

Suppose you are accessing a bank website. How does it feel like to put id, password, and secure CAPTCHA each time you press a button or page refreshes? Frustrating na?

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Stateless Https connection

That is where _sessions _and _cookies _come into the picture.

Let’s understand in simple terms. Before understanding the _session _and cookie, let's look at the Https messages.

There are two types of http messages: requests sent by the client to trigger an action on the server, and responses, the answer from the server.

But broadly they have a similar structure with

  1. Head — It has information like request verb (GET/POST/PUT… in case of request), status code (in case of response), target URL, body content metadata, etc.
  2. Body — Body is optional. It can have HTML form etc.

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