Watch This New Series to Help You Navigate and Adopt The Cloud

Watch This New Series to Help You Navigate and Adopt The Cloud

Watch this new series to help you navigate and adopt the cloud. Announcing the Azure Enablement show: Series 1: Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure; Series 2: Azure Well-Architected.

Whether you are just embarking on your cloud journey or you are looking to maximize business value out of your existing cloud investments, you may want to leverage industry best practices and technical guidance we have compiled in Azure documentation, from working with many engineers, customers, and partners.

At the core of this guidance, to help you continually adopt and operate in the cloud, there is the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure that provides a set of tools, guidance, and best practices that help shape technology, business, and people strategies for driving the desired business outcomes during your cloud adoption effort, and the Azure Well-Architected Framework which is a set of guiding tenets that you can use to improve the quality of your Azure workloads.

There is a lot of knowledge already shared and it is constantly improving and growing, which makes it sometimes challenging to keep up with the latest and greatest, whether you are adopting or already operating in the cloud. However, read on to learn about this new way to help you navigate and successfully adopt Azure. 

Announcing the Azure Enablement show

In line with our efforts to support your cloud journey, we're pleased to announce the launch of the Azure Enablement show. It is a series of technical conversations with a community of Microsoft experts, addressing common questions and challenges in your cloud adoption journey.

The show introduces two series aligned to key resources that support your cloud journey—the Cloud Adoption Framework and the Azure Well-Architected initiative. The show format is interview-based and conversational style with the host of the series driving the discussion with multiple experts. For the Cloud Adoption Framework series, the host is Sarah Lean—an IT engineer and advocate with a passion for helping others and sharing her experiences. And the Azure Well-Architected series host is David Blank-Edelman—who is also a tech community leader in the Site Reliability Engineering space with a passion for building and operating systems that work well for people.


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