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5 JavaScript Project Management Libraries to Boost Web Development

As many companies have to prolong remote working regimes, project management software becomes a necessity for doing business effectively. However, existing software solutions may seem too complex and expensive. Therefore, many companies prefer to invest in the development of custom project management apps that fully comply with their project requirements and include highly demanded tools such as a Gantt chart, scheduler, and event calendar.

Here comes the question of how to develop advanced web apps with minimum time and effort. The answer is to apply ready-made JavaScript components that make it much easier to integrate complex functionalities into any web application. Let us review five JavaScript project management libraries that help to provide remote teams with an easy but effective way to organize tasks and other business activities.


DHTMLX provides JavaScript Gantt and Scheduler libraries for building advanced project management apps. These components enable you to create viable alternatives to MS Project and Primavera.

DHTMLX Gantt allows creating interactive and performant Gantt charts able to process 30 000+ tasks for planning and defining the sequence of tasks in projects of any scale. Charts can be enriched with useful functionalities such as auto-scheduling, critical path calculation, task grouping, dynamic loading, etc.


In addition to task management, DHTMLX Gantt provides great help in handling project resources via histograms and resource usage diagrams.

Gantt with resources

Apart from JavaScript Gantt, DHTMLX also provides three Gantt libraries fully written in React, Svelte, and Vue.js.

With DHTMLX Scheduler, it is possible to implement user-friendly event calendars with all needed functionality out-of-the-box. Using 10 built-in views, users can effectively arrange appointments and other daily business activities. Moreover, you can also add custom views for more productivity and an improved user experience. Recurring events, RTL mode, customizable time scales, multisection events - this is far from a full list of popular features included in this lightweight scheduling library.

DHTMLX Scheduler

Both DHTMLX Gantt and Scheduler have intuitive drag-and-drop UIs and work well in modern browsers and on devices of any size. Great customization capabilities allow adjusting components to your requirements. DHTMLX products can also be easily incorporated into applications based on popular JS frameworks (React, Angular, Vue.js) and back-end technologies. Created Gantt charts and calendars can be exported to Excel, PNG, and PDF formats (plus MS Project and Primavera formats for DHTMLX Gantt). Simple APIs and numerous demos reduce the learning curve to a minimum and allow using these JS libraries in an effective way.


Bryntum is a Swedish company specializing in the development of UI tools for project management and resource scheduling.

Bryntum Gantt allows you to schedule and manage tasks using dependencies, filtering, constraints, customizable task editor, and other features. There is also a calendar feature for taking care of resource assignments in a project. But the most remarkable feature of this component is Chronograph - a reactive rendering engine responsible for high performance with big data.

Bryntum Gantt

Bryntum Scheduler is a scheduling component based on the Bryntum Grid. It ships with a lot of features required for planning utilization of available project resources. For instance, you can benefit from such features as grouping, dependency lines, animated UI updates, summaries, validation of editing actions, etc. But if you need a UI component that provides automatic scheduling and allows you to accurately define resource shifts, Bryntum offers Scheduler Pro. It is based on the Gantt scheduling engine and can be used in pair with Bryntum Gantt. Bryntum Scheduler and Gantt support export to Excel, PDF, and PNG formats.

Bryntum Scheduler

Bryntum Calendar is one more product originating from the Bryntum Grid component. This tool is designed specifically for organizing daily business pursuits in the form of an event calendar with multiple views. This component can be a nice addition to the apps that already use Bryntum Gantt or Scheduler.

Bryntum Calendar

Bryntum’s project management components are framework agnostic i.e. they can be used in web apps based on any popular frontend framework. Bryntum products are fully customizable, thus you can modify their look and feel to your liking. All Bryntum project management tools come with numerous interactive examples illustrating their capabilities.

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In addition, a multi-project management tool https://www.epicflow.com/integrations/ must be able to communicate with your team members. It is also important that the software can be integrated with other applications. A good multi-project management software solution can provide a macro view of all your projects. You can then set deadlines, allocate resources, and analyze past output.


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JS Development Company India | JavaScript Development Services

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Rahim Makhani


Develop An Unique Web App for your Firm

Web app represents the particular firm or organization for which it is developed. With the help of a web app, the firm owner can promote and increase their business by reaching more and more customers for their website or web app.

Every firm or organization must have its own web app to represent their company, what they do, what they provide users feedback, and a lot more. If you have your web app then users can know your company deeply and they can also show interest in your company.

To develop a unique web app contact Nevina Infotech that is the best web application development services provider company, that can help you to develop the web app for your firm as per your requirement.

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Shawn Durgan


10 Writing steps to create a good project brief - Mobile app development

Developing a mobile application can often be more challenging than it seems at first glance. Whether you’re a developer, UI designer, project lead or CEO of a mobile-based startup, writing good project briefs prior to development is pivotal. According to Tech Jury, 87% of smartphone users spend time exclusively on mobile apps, with 18-24-year-olds spending 66% of total digital time on mobile apps. Of that, 89% of the time is spent on just 18 apps depending on individual users’ preferences, making proper app planning crucial for success.

Today’s audiences know what they want and don’t want in their mobile apps, encouraging teams to carefully write their project plans before they approach development. But how do you properly write a mobile app development brief without sacrificing your vision and staying within the initial budget? Why should you do so in the first place? Let’s discuss that and more in greater detail.

Why a Good Mobile App Project Brief Matters?


It’s worth discussing the significance of mobile app project briefs before we tackle the writing process itself. In practice, a project brief is used as a reference tool for developers to remain focused on the client’s deliverables. Approaching the development process without written and approved documentation can lead to drastic, last-minute changes, misunderstanding, as well as a loss of resources and brand reputation.

For example, developing a mobile app that filters restaurants based on food type, such as Happy Cow, means that developers should stay focused on it. Knowing that such and such features, UI elements, and API are necessary will help team members collaborate better in order to meet certain expectations. Whether you develop an app under your brand’s banner or outsource coding and design services to would-be clients, briefs can provide you with several benefits:

  • Clarity on what your mobile app project “is” and “isn’t” early in development
  • Point of reference for developers, project leads, and clients throughout the cycle
  • Smart allocation of available time and resources based on objective development criteria
  • Streamlined project data storage for further app updates and iterations

Writing Steps to Create a Good Mobile App Project Brief


1. Establish the “You” Behind the App

Depending on how “open” your project is to the public, you will want to write a detailed section about who the developers are. Elements such as company name, address, project lead, project title, as well as contact information, should be included in this introductory segment. Regardless of whether you build an in-house app or outsource developers to a client, this section is used for easy document storage and access.

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JS Development Company India | JavaScript Development Services

PixelCrayons’ JavaScript web development service offers you a feature-packed & dynamic web application that effectively caters to your business challenges and provide you the best RoI. Our JavaScript web development company works on all major frameworks & libraries like Angular, React, Nodejs, Vue.js, to name a few.

With 15+ years of domain expertise, we have successfully delivered 13800+ projects and have successfully garnered 6800+ happy customers with 97%+ client retention rate.

Javascript Web Development Company

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