Spoonshot Raises A Seed Investment Of $1M Led By SRI Capital

Spoonshot, a food science company using AI to predict consumer taste and food trends announced a seed investment of of $1M led by SRI Capital. As the company stated, they will use the funding amount to fuel growth plan and further grow its proprietary technology and team.

Read more: https://analyticsindiamag.com/spoonshot-raises-a-seed-investment-of-1m-led-by-sri-capital/

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Spoonshot Raises A Seed Investment Of $1M Led By SRI Capital
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Top new cryptocurrencies to invest in June – 2022

June – is the month of new beginnings, and what better way to start off fresh than by investing in one (or more) of the many new cryptocurrencies that have recently hit the market? In this article, we’ll give you our top picks for the best cryptocurrencies to invest in for June of 2022.


  1. Solana is a new cryptocurrency that is quickly gaining popularity. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes Proof of Stake (PoS) to validate transactions. This makes it more energy-efficient than other PoW-based currencies.
  2. Solana has a very fast transaction speed. It can handle up to 65,000 transactions per second. This is much faster than Ethereum, which can only handle around 15 transactions per second.
  3. Solana has a strong team of developers behind it. The team includes former employees of Google, Facebook, and PayPal.
  4. Solana is already being used by some major companies, such as Coinbase and Binance.

Overall, Solana is a very promising new cryptocurrency. Its fast transaction speed, strong team of developers, and major company partnerships make it a good choice for investors looking for a new currency to invest in.


Hashpe is a new cryptocurrency that was created in June of this year. It is based on the Bitcoin protocol, but it has some unique features that make it different from Bitcoin.

For one, Hashpe uses a different mining algorithm than Bitcoin. This means that it is more resistant to ASIC miners, which are specialized hardware that is designed for mining Bitcoin. This makes Hashpe more accessible to regular people who want to mine cryptocurrency.

Hashpe also has a built-in privacy feature called “zk-SNARKs.” This allows transactions on the Hashpe network to be private and secure.

Overall, Hashpe is a promising new cryptocurrency with some unique features that make it worth investing in.

Shiba Inu:

Shiba Inu is a new cryptocurrency that was created in August 2020. It is an Ethereum token that was created as a parody of the popular Dogecoin. However, Shiba Inu has quickly gained popularity in its own right and is now one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Investors are attracted to Shiba Inu because it has a very low supply of only 21 billion tokens. This compares to other popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which has a supply of 21 million. This limited supply means that Shiba Inu could potentially increase in value over time as demand increases.

Shiba Inu also has a very active community on social media. The coin has its own Twitter account with over 400,000 followers and an active Telegram group with over 8,000 members. This community helps to generate interest and awareness of the coin, which could lead to more people buying it.

Overall, Shiba Inu is a promising new cryptocurrency with a lot of potentials. Its low supply and active community could help it to increase in value over time.

Saitama Inu:

Saitama Inu is a new cryptocurrency that was created in June of 2020. The team behind Saitama Inu is anonymous, but they are based in Japan. The currency is named after the Japanese anime character Saitama, who is known for his strength and power.

Saitama Inu has a total supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens and a circulating supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. The currency is currently trading at $0.000016 USD.

The Saitama Inu team has plans to use the currency to build a decentralized social media platform. The platform will be called Soar and it will allow users to earn rewards for creating and sharing content.

So far, the team behind Saitama Inu has been very active on social media and they seem to be very committed to their project. The currency has a lot of potentials and it will be interesting to see how it develops over time.


Tezos is a new cryptocurrency that offers several unique features that make it an attractive investment. For one, Tezos uses a proof-of-stake algorithm instead of proof-of-work. This means that Tezos is more energy-efficient than other cryptocurrencies.

Another key feature of Tezos is its on-chain governance system. This system allows holders of Tezos tokens to vote on changes to the protocol. This helps to keep the Tezos network decentralized and responsive to the needs of its users.

Finally, Tezos has a strong development team behind it. The team is led by Arthur Breitman, who has a background in mathematics and computer science. This gives Tezos a solid foundation on which to build and grow.

Overall, Tezos is a promising new cryptocurrency with several unique features that make it worth investing in.


Cronos is a new cryptocurrency that was launched in June of 2018. Cronos is designed to be a more stable and secure form of currency than Bitcoin. It uses a Proof-of-Stake system, which means that users earn rewards for holding Cronos coins in their wallets. This helps to keep the currency more stable than other cryptocurrencies that use a Proof-of-Work system.

Cronos is also a very fast cryptocurrency. Transactions take only seconds to confirm. This makes it ideal for people who want to use cryptocurrency for everyday purchases.

Investors are bullish on Cronos, and the currency has already seen significant growth since its launch. If you’re looking for a new cryptocurrency to invest in, Cronos is a good option.


If you’re ready to invest in cryptocurrency, exchanges are the most secure and user-friendly way to purchase, sell, and trade digital assets.

Koinbazar is the best leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world because it offers a number of unique features compared to other exchanges.

Koinbazar offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to invest in, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. They also offer a variety of different payment methods, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

For one, Koinbazar allows users to trade in Indian rupees. This is important because it means that users do not have to convert their currency into another currency (such as US dollars) before trading. This makes the trading process simpler and more convenient.

Another unique feature of Koinbazar is that it offers a mobile Android and iOS app. This is convenient for users who want to trade on the go. The app is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

In addition, Koinbazar has low trading fees. It also offers a referral program, which gives users a 10K Shiba Inu (SHIB) if they refer new users to the platform.

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Spoonshot Raises A Seed Investment Of $1M Led By SRI Capital

Spoonshot, a food science company using AI to predict consumer taste and food trends announced a seed investment of of $1M led by SRI Capital. As the company stated, they will use the funding amount to fuel growth plan and further grow its proprietary technology and team.

Read more: https://analyticsindiamag.com/spoonshot-raises-a-seed-investment-of-1m-led-by-sri-capital/

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Mya Lynch


Identify Your Investment Risk Profile, Develop a Winning Strategy

If you learned how to save money successfully, sooner or later, many of us will be faced the question: “How can we invest our hard-earned money profitably — assets like shares, stocks, bonds, funds, certificates or gold?”

Obviously, you don’t want to make bad decisions that can lead you to money loss, and not the capital win.

To profit and grow your capital, you have to find the right investment strategy for you by dealing with your personal risk profile. Your risk profile will show which investments you correspond to and influences your investment strategy.

📊 Investment risk profiles

Four main factors have an impact on your risk profile:

🔹 Risk tolerance (how well you as an investor can cope emotionally with losses on your investments)

How much money are you emotionally ready to lose in the worse case?

The higher the personal risk tolerance, the higher the proportion of high-risk investments and asset diversification.

🔹 Risk capacity (the risk you can take according to your financial situation)

Do you have a regular and secure income?

The higher your regular income, the higher the risk you can take.

🔹 Knowledge of finance (Level of financial knowledge and experience with securities)

How well do you understand financial products?

The more you deal with investments, the better you can assess the risks.

🔹 Investment goal (It influences the money return from your investment that you want to achieve)

What do you want to achieve with your investment?

The higher the money return, the higher the risk you must take.

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Farm Key


Syngenta Saaho Tomato Seeds - Everything You Need To Know

With this brand, you get the promise of quality and the yield is always conducive. For all farming enthusiasts and professionals, it is essential to have high-quality seeds. Also, it is a must that you have more timely outcomes so the crop reaches the markets at the right time and helps you get a great price. Saaho tomato seeds help you achieve this feat very easily.

Saaho tomato seeds

How does Saaho become a great choice for tomato production?

If you want to grow tomatoes on a large, medium, or small level, you need to have promising seeds at dispense. With them, you are able to get promising results and make your crops work every time. Also, when you put deliberate efforts into your field, you want aspects to be more promising. From tilling the land to reaping the plant, everything gets perfect if you have the right beginning.

Also, you need to have a more perpetual base of irrigation so the water supply never stops. You may not always get the most ergonomic tools and that’s the reason you need to get the right start. Whether you get other supplies or not, you can get high-quality seeds very easily to take your farming to the next level. At the time of sowing seeds, you get to have the right thing in the ground so the outcomes are always positive.

The chances of growing a large quantum of tomatoes are enhanced when you have good-quality seeds deep down. With them, you are able to feel more optimistic about the overall challenges in farming. At the same time, you are also allowing yourself to imbibe more knowledge about the right techniques. Also, the overall aspect of growing tomatoes makes it more profitable work for thousands of people across the globe.

How should I approach tomato farming in my house?

When it comes to making tomato farming more productive, you need to have the right start. Not only that, but you also need some knowledge on choosing the right kind of seeds that could give you a more promising outcome. By going through this practice, you make many things possible on your farm, and in the end, the rewards are marvelous. When you bring so much potential to your cultivation, you are bound to welcome incentives too.

If you plan to do tomato farming at home, it is very important that you have the basics right. Also, there are other things that you have to be mindful of. Since you may not get fertile land everywhere, it is essential that you make efforts to do that. Other than the high-quality seeds, you should also consider adding some sort of manure to the soil.

At the time of choosing seeds, it is very important that you do the due research and pick the right product for yourself. When you do that, things take a very positive turn within a few days. More than that, you get the confidence and wherewithal to have an impressive quantum of results. Whether it is a small garden or a large field, you get the power to get a growth-conducive yield.

Also Read:- Easy and essential tips to grow tomatoes

Can Saaho seeds give me results in all the seasons?

Yes, it does not matter which season you’re growing the tomatoes in, you can get some great results very easily. Also, you get the potential and insight to get some very delightful outcomes in every way. Tomato is one such vegetable whose demand is never low in the market. It is an essential ingredient in all types of Indian cuisine and it allows the farmers to make great money easily.

Tomatoes can bring plenty of profits to you, they can help you get more particular about the prices too. Furthermore, you can grow two different varieties of tomatoes and get different prices depending on their respective demands. When you are able to offer more to the markets, it is easier for you to make profits as well. That’s why it is recommended to use good-quality seeds that have the potential to deliver good outcomes.


Farmkey enables you to do very profitable farming no matter what you want to grow. With our products, anyone can be an expert at farming and get results that have a big impact on the prices. Once you have made up your mind to start this activity, it is time for you to get things done with us. We make it easier for the farmers to make lots of profits and help them get a better future.

If you are willing to spend some time and effort in growing tomatoes, choose our products to get the best results. Our products are made to give you the most effective crop in every season.

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Zena Sporer


Can AI Investing Solutions Outperform the Stock Markets? Ours Did

Around the world stock markets have been recording historic losses, with Market Economists now warning that the hit to the global economy is likely to be worse than the financial crisis of 2008 or the Great Depression.

In March 2020 the Dow Jones saw its steepest drop ever, recording losses that were even worse than during the Great Depression. No one was prepared for this crash, not even veteran investors, with many seeing their investments being severely depleted.

The impact of the Coronavirus just reinforces how volatile the stock markets can be and the damage situations like the Covid-19 pandemic can cause to your investments.

During these uncertain times, many investors are now crying out for an alternative investment solution to diversify and mitigate risk, while still yielding consistent returns.

8topuzoffers unique AI-based, risk-managed, trading software that works by utilizing the vast FX trading market and works typically with specific currency pairs.

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