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Waylon Bruen


Setup Umami Self-hosted analytics using Laravel forge

Many of us are loooking to move away from Google Analytics where possible. Reasons for doing so include:

  • Data privacy concerns
  • Avoiding cookie warnings
  • Seeking a simpler UI to share with clients/team

While looking into alternatives you’ll find a range of paid, privacy-focussed SaaS analytics products, as well as some self hosted open source options (some of which are shared by companies who also offer a hosted paid service).

I wanted a self hosted option and before settling on  Umami.js I also checked:

  • Ackee
  • Plausible (self-hosted, SaaS available)
  • Pirsch (self-hosted, SaaS available)

For all I know, these might be great - but I didn’t get to a feature comparison or to try any of them out. I went with Umami.js simply because of how I wanted to install it on this occasion: on an Ubuntu VM, with Postgress/MySQL, and without using docker.

One nice feature of Umami.js is easily sharing a public dashboard for a website, you can take a look at their own  public dashboard (pictured below) to see if it’s the kind of thing you’re looking for.

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Setup Umami Self-hosted analytics using Laravel forge