25 Ways AI/Machine Learning Helps Businesses

25 Ways AI/Machine Learning Helps Businesses

Should you focus on the buzzwords like AI and machine learning? Apple. Amazon. Google. Netflix. Facebook. Snapchat. They have hands-on a plethora of data.

Geoff Hinton  worked for more than 40 years to get computers to learn like people. However, the computing powers were not big enough during his days. People wrote him off! The idea felt like an unrealistic ambition. Until… one… fine… day… 

The emails could filter spam messages on their own…

The search engines could understand your search intent…

The OOT platforms could dish out your favorite genre automatically…

 Geoff was happy to find businesses harnessing AI and machine learning to improve the way they served their customers. “People finally came to their senses,” said the godfather of AI when he saw the world coming to his vision. And not far from there, it became an established fact that the businesses that handled data smartly and drew rich-full trends and patterns outclassed the competitors.

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