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Building a simple Applications with Vue 3

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Defer, Panic and Recover in Golang

Different programming languages handle errors, exceptions and recovery in different ways. Go employs defer, panic, and recover which work closely with each other to ensure smooth execution of the program. In this tutorial, you'll see Defer, Panic, and Recover in Golang

Can AI Now Defer Human Decisions? - Analytics India Magazine

MIT researchers developed an AI and ML system that can not only diagnose medical conditions but can also defer human decisions.

Defer in C++

Just a small video on implementing defer in C++ (in a rather hacky way). I would make the Defer class "final" and also disable move and copy constructors.

Javascript defer vs async

Javascript defer vs async is a common question in Javascript interviews. Modern web applications deal with a lot of scripts. So, it is very important for a Javascript developer to know how to optimally load scripts on a webpage.

Modelling Asynchronous Flows Using Promises and a Use Case for Deferred

Modelling Asynchronous Flows Using Promises and a Use Case for Deferred - A potential use case for using deferred object/pattern in asynchronous javascript