New WordPress Feature Gets Tough Response

New WordPress Feature Gets Tough Response

WordPress feature turns article content into a long threaded tweetstorm. The author of the article had rightfully recognized some of the negative implications inherent in the new feature and wrote a great overview of the possible problems associated with it.

Engage with a New Audience They Said… The idea behind the new feature was to present the content to a new audience. Usually that means promoting the content on a platform or website in a way that brings the audience from the platform to your website. But that wasn’t the case, as expressed in the WordPress announcement.

WordPress Tweetstorms Enable Endless Content Republishing A problem with the new feature is that it creates a way for others to republish your content on their own sites. What’s worse, is that there may not be a way to successfully file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint if someone embedded your content via the Tweets, because Twitter allows their content from its platform to be embedded on other sites.

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