9 Cool Things You Can Do with Just HTML

9 Cool Things You Can Do with Just HTML

In this tutorial, you'll look at 9 Cool Things You Can Do with Just HTML (I can’t believe it’s just HTML)

1. Picture

The <picture> tag gives web developers more flexibility in specifying image resources. The most common use of the picture element is for responsive design.

The <picture> element contains two tags: one or more <source>tags and one <img>tag.

The browser will look for the first <source> element that matches the media query, which is got by the srcset attribute. If none of the media queries is matched, the browser will use the <img> element.


   <source media="(min-width:1024px)" srcset="dog-big.jpg">
   <source media="(min-width:465px)" srcset="dog-small.jpg">
   <img src="cat.jpg" alt="Flowers" style="width:auto;">

Cool things you can do in HTML (<picture>)

2. Color Picker

An <input> element with a type of “color” provides a UI element that lets the user specify a color.

The default value is #000000 (black).

HTML Colour Picker

Color Picker HTML


<label for="favcolor">Select your favorite color:</label>
<input type="color" id="favcolor" name="favcolor">

If you want a default color that is not black you just need to set the value. The value must be in seven-character hexadecimal notation.

Image for post

Color Picker HTML


<label for="favcolor">Select your favorite color:</label>
<input type="color" id="favcolor" name="favcolor" value="#e66465">

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