How The Web Simply Works

How The Web Simply Works

Have you wondered why you need data subscription to browse the web, or why your data gets exhausted when you browse for long enough on…

How the web simply works A website consists of a root directory with one or more folders in which HTML, CSS, Javascript, images, other media, and everything that make up the website are kept. The HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language is the ‘document’ that your browser displays when you visit a website — the same way Microsoft word helps you display .docx files. The web pages are simply HTML documents linked to stylesheets called Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS arranges and customizes the way elements in the document display. For instance, the style sheet determines the background colour of the web page or what style should display when a user hovers or clicks a link. The Javascript sets bunches of commands that are a sequel to users’ activities in the document. Javascript can manipulate the document to perform specific tasks depending on some conditions. While the CSS styles the document, Javascript informs and commands it. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the basic frontend files that determine the interface of the document (the webpage a user is browsing), there are backend programs that do more technical stuff like storing the data that come into the document into a database, connecting all documents in the website together, or collecting information from documents of other websites and displaying them either at the frontend or at the backend. Some of the most common and standard languages used at the backend to frame and manage the whole website include Python, PHP, and Javascript.

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