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Quickly Style React Native (and Reactjs) Components Via Props

React Quick Style Components

Quickly style react-native (and reactjs) components via props


React Native

yarn add react-quick-style-components

No linking required

React JS

Assuming you use create-react-app or expo web:

yarn add react-native-web react-quick-style-components

Main Idea

We usually style our component like this (inline or StyleSheet)

  width: 50,
  height: 50,
  margin: 10,
  backgroundColor: 'green',
  justifyContent: 'center',
  alignItems: 'center',

What if we can have a really quick way of styling by using prop. Like:


And with the advantage of boolean prop, we could get it even quicker (in terms of Coding convenience), like:

  middle // common global styleset, equal { justifyContent: 'center', alignItems: 'center'  }

Performance Concern

  • In the speed test, we compared it with normal View component, and styled-components. The test code is really simple, PR is welcome.

Performance test

Best Practice

  1. If you have more than 3 styled props, put it in StyleSheet. Too many styled props will not be convenient anymore.
  2. Create your own common style objects to avoid repeating your self
  3. Organize the components and keep them small and simple


Initial setup

import { StyleSheet } from 'react-native';
import { initQuickStyle } from 'react-quick-style-components/native';
import { FONT, COLOR } from './some-where/in/your/project'

// Use for quick prop like: colorMain, bgMain.


// Use for default text style

  family: {
  color: FONT.COLOR,

// Use for quick style, e.g: if you pass Style.create({ white: { color: 'white' } }). You will be able to use <Text white>Hello World!</Text>

const additionStyles = StyleSheet.create({
  shadow: {
    shadowColor: "#000",
    shadowOffset: {
      width: 0,
      height: 1,
    shadowOpacity: 0.20,
    shadowRadius: 1.41,
    elevation: 2,



  import { Text } from 'react-quick-style-components/native';

  const App = () => (
    <Text colorMain bold fontsize20>Hello World!</Text>

  import { Col } from 'react-quick-style-components/native';

  const handlePress = () => alert('Hello World!');

  const App = () => (
    <Col flex1 bgMain onPress={handlePress}></Col>

  import { Col } from 'react-quick-style-components/native';

  const handlePress = () => alert('Hello World!');

  const App = () => (
    <Row flex1 bgMain onPress={handlePress}></Row>

Styled Props

  • Pretty much all the styled properties (take a look at ./utils/globalProps.ts line 22)
  • Auto split number value from Boolean props

Equal to


  • Common style sets (take a look at ./utils/commonStyle.ts)
Prop Description
middle Align items center (vertically and horizontally)
flex1 Flex 1
absolute Position absolute
absoluteFill Position absolute and full parent width, height
bgWhite White background
colorWhite White color text
colorMain Main color text, (after run initQuickStyle.setMainColor)
bgMain Main background color, (after run initQuickStyle.setMainColor)
bold bold fontweight text
width100p width 100%
height100p height 100%
overflowH overflow hidden

Style Hooks

Style Hooks is in easy way to transform value of styled props. For example when you want to normalize your font size

  fontSize: (value) => {
    return normalize(value)

After that, all of your <Text fontSize={xyz} /> will go thourgh that function and converted to a new value.

Col Component

  • Flex direction column
  • If onPress prop is given, it will operate like a TouchableOpacity (activeOpacity 0.9)
  • onHoverStyle: it’s a web prop: Pass a object style here and it will apply when user hover over the component.
  • useHoverNativeProps: apply the hover style without rerendering the component. credit to the guys here , let me know if you have trouble using this prop


  onHoverStyle={{ borderColor: COLOR.MAIN, borderWidth: 1, borderRadius: 4 }}

Row Component

  • onPress work exactly like Col, infact it’s Col under the hood, so every props of Col can be used here.
  • Flex direction row
  • Align items center by default. If stretch props is specific (true), the children will have 100% height
  • This component has responsive settings.
export interface Props {
  onRef?(): void,
  stretch?: boolean,
  responsive?: {
    sm?: string,
    md?: string,
    lg?: string,
    xl?: string,
    [breakpoint: string]: string,
  [key: string]: any,

For example

<Row responsive={{ xs: '100%', sm: '1:1:2', md: '1:2:1' }}>
  <Col width100p height100>
    <Col margin10 flex1 backgroundColor="black" />
  <Col width100p height100>
    <Col margin10 flex1 backgroundColor="red" />
  <Col width100p height100>
    <Col margin10 flex1 backgroundColor="pink" />
  • width breakpoints follow Bootstrap CSS Web framework xs, sm, md, lg and xl

  • <Row responsive={{ md: '1:.' }} />

    • every child will have flex 1 in md breakpoint
  • <Row responsive={{ md: '1:2' }} />

    • only render two first child, with flex 1 and flex 2 in md breakpoint
  • <Row responsive={{ md: '1:2', sm: '100%' }} />

    • same with the above, and in sm breakpoint all will have 100% width, and flex wrap style

Text Component

  • define default font family and color with Text.setFontFamily
Prop Description
bold Change font to Bold font if that font was declared at initQuickStyle.setAdditionStyles
semiBold Change font to Semi Bold font if that font was declared at initQuickStyle.setAdditionStyles
light The same
medium The same
extraBold The same
black The same

Example <Text light bold />

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Quickly Style React Native (and Reactjs) Components Via Props
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React Native is a popular JavaScript framework that Facebook has created. You can use this open-source framework to code natively rendering Android and iOS mobile apps. You can use it to develop web apps too.

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  • Performance: It delivers optimal performance.
  • Cross-platform development: You can develop both Android and iOS apps with it. The reuse of code expedites development and reduces costs.
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  • 3rd party plugins: This framework supports 3rd party plugins.
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