How can I create an app like Gojek in Indonesia?

How can I create an app like Gojek in Indonesia?

Get a robust app, developed from Gojek clone script, integrated with 50+ on-demand services at your budget. Our Gojek Clone, a white-label solution, will enable you to customize and launch your new business venture in just 48 hours.

If you plan on creating an app like Gojek for your business, now would be the right time to kickstart your venture. For an emerging entrepreneur, the app development process can be tedious. To solve this issue, there are several app development companies that develop Gojek clone apps. These white-label apps can be customized to any extent and loaded with every essential feature required to run the app. You can also integrate exclusive features in your app to increase the chances of boosting your overall revenue. Here are some of the critical components that you shouldn’t miss in your customer-side app.

User-side app features:

Registration/Login: The users should register their account on the platform before starting to use the services. They can register with their phone number or email address. Search option: Since the app will have multiple services, the users should be able to search for their preferred service. Schedule booking: Since the app aims to offer convenient services, the users should be able to schedule the services to avoid last-minute hassles. Real-time tracking: The real-time tracking feature lets users track their orders in real-time. The users will be notified of the order status from time-to-time. Reviews and ratings:
Reviews and ratings are vital as they will help you to improve the quality of your services. It will also help to learn more about the drawbacks of services. Multiple payment methods: The app should support multiple payment methods to make transactions easier for customers. The customers should be able to choose from credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, PayPal, etc. Fare estimator: The Fare estimator feature can help customers know the estimated fare for the service they have selected. They can choose to proceed with the service provider if they are convinced of the fare. Notifications: The users should get notifications regarding upcoming deals, offers, discounts, promotions, etc. They should also get notified of their order status regularly in every stage. Booking history: The customers should be able to access their previous booking details on the app. The users should have access to their well-documented history of booking, fare, time, service-provider details, etc.

The features mentioned above are responsible for the proper running of the app. Apart from that, you should also integrate exclusive features to stand apart from your competitors in the market.

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