WordPress Gutenberg 10.2 Causing Fatal Errors

WordPress Gutenberg 10.2 Causing Fatal Errors

WordPress publishers are discovering that Gutenberg 10.2 is causing “fatal errors” due to a WordPress incompatibility issue. One publisher suggested that Gutenberg autoupdates should do a compatibility check and trigger a warning if the incompatibility exists.

WordPress Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a visual WordPress site editor that represents a radical departure from how websites were built natively within the WordPress core.

It allows publishers to create sites using graphic user interface of blocks. For example, a web page can be visualized as blocks representing the top of the page (header), the content area, sidebar, etc.

Gutenberg is not yet finished, full site editing capability is still on the way. So naturally as a not yet mature technology bugs are to be anticipated, if not expected.

wordpress gutenberg 10.2 causing fatal errors

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