Light-weight crontab for handling repetitive tasks in React js

Light-weight crontab for handling repetitive tasks in React js

reactjs-crontab Light-weight crontab for handling repetitive tasks in React js


Light-weight crontab for handling repetitive tasks in React js

Dashboard Demo


npm install --save reactjs-crontab

make sure to add date-fns as dev dependencies since this package depending on date-fns

npm install [email protected]^2.0.0 --save-dev

Inspired by

Just updated to 1.4.0

Now it supports multiple config time values

Crontab Config Format



Can be multiple values like this

  • MIN represents minute(s), can be 0 through 59 . * means every minute
  • HOUR represents hour(s) of a day, can be 0 through 23. * means every hour
  • DOM represents day of month, can be 1 through 31. * means every day
  • MON represents month, can be 1 through 12. * means every month
  • DOW represents day of week, can be 1 through 7. 1 is Monday, 2 is Tusday and so on. * means every day
  • TIMEZONE represent the timezone that crontab will refer to when it triggers tasks. Unfortunately, We only support 'utc timezone'. But we're working hard to improve this.
  • Each sort of time value(s) must be separated by a hyphen '-'
  • Multiple values must be separated by comma ','

Basic Example

Reactjs-crontab has very similar pattern to Linux Crontab. To learn linux crontab Linux Crontab The difference is that this uses dash between arguments like this *-*-*-*-*-*. Whereas Linux crontab uses white space like this * * * * * *

import React from 'react'
import { BasicCron } from 'reactjs-crontab'
import 'reactjs-crontab/dist/index.css'

const sayHello = () => {

const sayGoobye = () => {

const RequestSomething = () => {
  console.log('Api request has been sent')

const sendNotification = () => {
  console.log('Send Event Notification')

const logUserOut = () => {
  console.log('log user out')

// these are the functions which will run according to your settings

const tasks = [
  // just put this array into BasicCron component as a props and it will work like magic!
    fn: sayHello,
    id: '1',
    config: '*-*-*-*-*-utc',
    // Execute every minutes
    name: 'Say Hello',
    description: 'Say Hello on console'
    fn: sayGoobye,
    id: '2',
    config: '5-7-12-11-*-utc',
    // Execute In November on 12th At 7AM and At 5 minute(s)

    name: 'Say Goodbye',
    description: 'Say Goodbye on console'
    fn: RequestSomething,
    id: '3',
    config: '*-15,19-*-11,12-*-4',
    // Execute In November, December At 3PM, 7PM every minute
    name: 'Request Something',
    description: 'Send API'
    fn: sendNotification,
    id: '4',
    config: '10-11-18-7-*-utc',
    // Execute In July on 18th At 11AM and At 10 minute(s)
    name: 'Send Notification',
    description: 'Send Event Notification'
    fn: logUserOut,
    id: '5',
    config: '*-16-*-10-1-utc',
    // Execute In October on Monday At 4PM every minute
    name: 'Log user out'

const App = () => {
  // this will display dashboard with scheduled tasks
  return <BasicCron tasks={tasks} />

export default App


BasicCron Props {
  tasks [
      fn: yourFn, // (required field) type function
      id: '1', // (required field) type string
      config: '*-11-18-10,13-*-utc', // (required field) type string
      name: 'logUserOut', // (optional field) type string
      description: 'Send API' // (optional field) type string


  • This will work well for simple crontab task but I have tons of features that I'd like to add. So stay tuned! Thank you so much for your attention!
  • feel free to open issue. Reactjs-crontab Github repo. Any idea that could improve this package or bug report will be highly appreciated.

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Author: shawnscoding

Source Code:

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