NoSQL Is Dead, Long Live NoSQL

NoSQL Is Dead, Long Live NoSQL

In this article, see how Dynamo accelerated the NoSQL revolution that is driving the database industry and much more. Recently, Amazon announced PartiQL - A SQL-Compatible Query Language for their flagship NoSQL database Amazon DynamoDB.

NoSQL had a good run.[ MapReduce]  triggered it in 2004. [ Dynamo]  and[ BigTable]  accelerated it in 2007. NoSQL meant no support for SQL, no support for multi-document transactions, no schema management, no procedural language, and many more No’s. However, NoSQL wasn’t a[ rebel without a cause] . It promised reliability, scalability, and flexibility. Someone quipped: “If you are not ready to scale, you’re not ready to succeed!”. To the amusement of SQL folks, MongoDB claimed it’s[ webscale] . Despite the[ reservations and opposition]  from the database community, the NoSQL movement marched on. Many wondered if it’s useful for Amazon, Google, and Facebook, who else would find it useful?

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