HupGrad Witnessed A 40% Rise In Data Science Enrolments

HupGrad Witnessed A 40% Rise In Data Science Enrolments

upGrad offers a PG Diploma in Data Science from IIIT Bangalore and an M.Sc. from Liverpool John Led by India’s leading data science faculty.

While the concept of online learning has been prevalent in the field of data science, the recently enforced lockdown has provided new momentum to the whole ed-tech space. The data professionals across industries are now looking at online learning programs not only to stay updated with their skills and knowledge but also to keep up their relevance post the COVID crisis. This has led to a spike in the number of learners on edtech platforms. In fact, upGrad, India’s largest online higher education company, has witnessed a 40% rise in data science enrolments amid this lockdown.

This surge can be attributed to the fact that despite the challenges due to COVID, the demand for data science and analytics across industries has increased. College students and fresh graduates are thus noticing more potential in this field and therefore looking to pursue data science as a career. 

While many short-term certifications can help data scientists to upskill themselves, what sets upGrad apart are the industry-relevant data science programs offered by them, along with the alumni status from respective universities, industry knowledge via projects, domain-specific capstone project, WES recognition of the program and hands-on experience with programming languages and tools with specialised tracks. 

As a matter of fact, upGrad’s collaboration with IIIT-B to develop the PG Diploma in Data Science has become the first PG diploma program that has been validated and recommended by NASSCOM Futureskills, which not only complies to all industry standards but also makes learners job-ready from day one.

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