Top Front End Development Frameworks for Developers

Top Front End Development Frameworks for Developers

Front end development is the most imperative part of the development process. As this is a client-side and represents the whole solution to the viewers. Developers can’t afford to compromise with any attribute of the front end development process....

Front end development is the most imperative part of the development process. As this is a client-side and represents the whole solution to the viewers. Developers can’t afford to compromise with any attribute of the front end development process. Hence, front end development requires a lot of attention, effort, and time from the engineers.

Many frameworks have been introduced for developers with the motive to save time and turn the development process easier and faster. Some frameworks have become popular and transformed as an essential requirement of the Front end development.

Here in this blog, we are putting some light on the most popular Front End Development Frameworks that every developer should know about them.

Top Front End Development Frameworks


AngularJS is the most popular and preferred Javascript framework for Front End Development. With this framework, developers can reuse the code for the new frontend website or application development which helps to save time and this framework is easy to learn.

  • AngularJS offers various reasons for the developers to opt for it such as:
  • Data Binding
  • Fully Structured
  • Supports User Interference
  • Less coding
  • Two-way data binding
  • Component-based architecture


The bootstrap framework was introduced in 2011 by the reputed company Twitter. This framework is used to bring responsive web applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components. The best thing about this framework is it upgraded constantly with the latest tools and technologies.

  • Hence, Bootstrap offers
  • Interactive components such as custom tooltips and modal dialogues
  • Extensive Documentation
  • The responsive web design of all sizes and complexities


React.JS is maintained by Facebook. With more than 1,300 developers and over 94,000 sites utilizing React.js, it wouldn't be an overstatement to call React to the future of front-end development. React.JS offers an opportunity to the developers to bring the simple, scalable, and robust front end development solutions with high functionality.

  • Interactive user Interference
  • Reusable UI components
  • Data-binding Technique
  • Easy Syntax and code structure
  • Extensive UI kits
  • Ready to use components
  • Drag out menu


Pure is created by the Yahoo team. With the Pure development framework, developers can easily create grids, tables, and responsive buttons. This framework is based on the lightweight CSS module.

  • Fast Loading speed including on mobile devices
  • Offers various modules for website design and development
  • It helps to sort out the minor and major issues of UI

Semantic UI

The semantic framework helps to create responsive layouts with HTML. Semantic UI is popular for its simplicity as it uses the natural language. It turns the development process easier for developers with less coding skills.

  • Extensive library - Integrated with third party API
  • Small file sizes with minimal loads
  • Easy customization


The Foundation framework is created by the web design company Zurb. The foundation framework is based on advanced features and considered as the best framework for the enterprise’s Front End Development services. It helps to bring responsive websites.

  • Lightning and fastest animations process
  • Fast Rendering process for mobile devices
  • The customizable framework
  • Supports GPU acceleration
  • Flexible Framework


Vue.js is an open-source Javascript framework. Integrated with the high standard library which only focuses on the view layer. With this framework, developers can integrate third-party API from the other libraries also. It includes advanced and modern technologies.

  • Ability to bring powerful single web application
  • Strong API integration even with the third party
  • Fully featured framework


The Milligram is known as a minimalist CSS framework. It is based on a lightweight based feature. It comes only with the 2KB and offers simplistic and the most convenient start-up point to the developers. Involved with the CSS Flexible Box Layout Module standard. Fewer developers have the skills to manage Milligram’s framework.

  • Based on the lightweight framework
  • For the grid system, Milligram framework uses CSS Flexbox
  • Supportive Key Components -Typography, forms, tables, and grids.


Different frameworks have various advantages. Developers are continuously putting efforts to upgrade and enhance the frameworks with the latest and modern technologies. These frameworks have several features and developers have to choose the framework based on technical expertise as well as business goals.

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