Working of Dalvik Virtual Machine in Android - DataFlair

Working of Dalvik Virtual Machine in Android - DataFlair

Dalvik virtual machine - Learn what is a Virtual machine, what is DVM in Android, use of android DVM, comparison between DVM and Android Runtime.

In this DataFlair Android article, we’ll read about Dalvik Virtual Machine(DVM). Android DDM was written by Dan Bornstein, and Dalvik is the name of a town in Iceland.

A Dalvik virtual machine enables Android applications to run in its own process with its own instance.

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Virtual Machine

Firstly let us understand what a virtual machine is? It is basically a software implementation of a physical computer. This implementation works like a real physical computer. It even compiles and runs programs the same as a physical computer. It can be understood like an emulator. There are some issues with virtual machines too. One is that it is less efficient when compared to physical computers. Another issue is its performance, which is unstable when multiple virtual machines are working simultaneously on the same machine.

Even though Java Virtual machine has a high performance and provides great memory management, it is not optimized for low-powered devices. Dalvik VM is also a virtual machine that is highly optimized for mobile devices. Thus, it provides all the three things, that are memory management, high performance as well as battery life. It is strictly developed for Android mobile phones.

Role of the Dalvik Virtual Machine

The Role of the DVM in Android includes:

  • Optimizing the Virtual Machine for memory, battery life, and performance
  • Conversion of class files into .dex file through Dex compiler that runs on Dalvik VM.
  • Converting multiple class files into dex files.

The Dex compiler helps convert the class file into .dex file, the following image shows how it flows:

  • First of all the .java file converts into .class file with the help of Java compiler.
  • Next .class file converts into .dex file using Dec compiler.
  • Then finally the packaging process is handled by the Android Assets packaging (aapt) tools.

Working of Android Dex Compiler

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