Building and Validating Vue Forms the Painless Way

Building and Validating Vue Forms the Painless Way

Vuelidate, Vue-forms, Veevalidate : Are all great options for form validation, but focused solely on validation. The preferred way to use Vue Formulate is to install via your favorite JavaScript package manager. Building and validating Vue forms the painless way.


We know forms are required in almost every project. But have you ever created forms in an application with complex validations and business logic? If yes, you probably must have encountered some difficulties, and yeah, that could be very annoying. The difficulties could be in validation or the business logic. Which ever it is, it is never a pleasant experience.

Vue Formulate to the rescue

What is Vue Formulate

Vue Formulate is a tool that provides a powerful and flexible API to developers that makes complex form creation a breeze.


  • A single input element: all form elements are created with a single component.
  • Grouped fields: Vue Formulate ships with repeatable field groups out of the box.
  • Built-in validation: Ridiculously easy validation out-of-the-box to handle 95% of use-cases.
  • Form Generation: Generate an entire form from JSON.
  • Styling Control: With provided class props you can add your own set of style classes globally or on a case-by-case basis.

What differentiates Vue Formulate form other solutions

Vuetify: Vuetify is full UI framework while Vue Formulate is a focused tool for building forms. Not everyone wants to use a large UI framework in their project. Some don’t want to learn a new framework, while some just prefer writing their own narrowly scoped styles.

Vuelidate, Vue-forms, Veevalidate : Are all great options for form validation, but focused solely on validation.

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