Why Artificial Intelligence Is Bound to Meet Blockchain

Why Artificial Intelligence Is Bound to Meet Blockchain

Achieving free will and autonomy in machines. Why Artificial Intelligence Is Bound to Meet Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence — what once was merely science fiction, is now becoming a reality. With each passing day, it’s more self-aware and conscious of the world around it. It drives our cars, waits tables, cures diseases, and even understands our natural language.

But as we look into the future, we need to ask:

What will AI look like at its highest potential? Do we intend for these machines to walk amongst us one day? Challenge our thoughts?’

Lack of free will

Autonomy or free will is almost an existential debate in the area of AI. Will a ton of metal ever learn to choose for itself? Feel love or hate? This is at the heart of what makes us intelligent beings. It has allowed human beings to think, question, dominate and evolve in the process from single-celled organisms to the most intelligent beings in the universe.

However, our AI systems today lack this fundamental building block of intelligence — The ability to question or produce an outcome that we didn’t expect or intend for the system. This is primarily because of our modern AI systems being disconnected and centralized.

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