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Mandala Design Trend in Website Building

Mesmerizing mandala flower has been a rather big trend in design and website building for a while. Such an illustration is actually a great solution for multiple projects starting with blog websites and finishing with online stores.

Mandala Design trend in website building

At the same time, this hypnotizing flower is not a multipurpose design solution yet there are multiple occasions to utilize this very design element. So where does mandala come from, how is it used, and how can you use it in web design is what we are going to talk about today.

Mandala’s History

Mandala is a mysterious flower that has been known to the ancient civilizations. In fact, The very first mentions of mandalas come from ancient Egypt, Tibet, Persia. It is believed that the flower has magical powers and can influence people’s fate. The flower is rather significant in Buddhism, it is considered to be the place where gods live, the model of the Universe, and the map of the Cosmos.
According to the legend, Buddha passed on to his students two types of knowledge – sutras and tantras. The sutras were explained by means of words, while tantras were secret knowledge, which was revealed only to the most faithful students who comprehended the wisdom of Buddha through the state of awakening achieved by contemplating enlightened deities. Thus, each mandala is a graphic representation of tantras in the language of secret symbols, which is read as a specific text that is understandable only to the enlightened ones.

Mandala history

Usually, a mandala is a drawing made with paints or filled with sand, rice, flowers, or gems that allows one to enter a meditative state as well as to get closer to Buddha. As a matter of fact, there are many types of mandalas, including healing, teaching, cosmological & geographical, and initiation card mandalas. In general, this ancient flower has a rather long history both in culture and design, so if you are interested in learning more surprising and fascinating facts about this mystical flower, make sure to check out Mandala Designs in 2020: Illustrations, Patterns, Trends article.

Mandala in Design

As I have already mentioned above, a mandala is a rather popular element in the design. Perhaps the most popular area where it is used is interior design. Furniture, wallpaper, and different small elements with this very magical flower are extremely popular. Another area that widely uses this very element is fashion. From fabrics and jewelry to makeup and tattoos, are super popular in this industry. Apart from that, they are featured in many artworks, for example, it is featured on the cover of the BMTH album Sempiternal. Finally, these Buddhist symbols are extremely demanded in graphic design. They work for logos, backgrounds as well as become sophisticated details that one can add to pretty much any sort of project.
Mandala elements in the design, go ahead and read this article.

Mandala in design

Mandala and Website Building

Certainly, such an element is utilized in website building as well. You can use a mandala pattern as a background for your website or implement its elements into other parts of the site you are working on. Everything depends on your creativity and desire to experiment. Speaking about the types of websites, such an element would perfectly work for personal sites, blogs, artists’ and musicians’ official sites, and designers’ portfolios. In addition to that, you can utilize this magical flower in the design of makeup or clothing online stores, as well as showrooms, beauty studios, and tattoo salons’ websites. As you can see, there is a whole bunch of occasions to use this very element, which means that you might want to get some mandala bundles to back yourself up in case you get a project that would benefit from such a graphic element.

The Hottest Mandala Bundles of this Summer

Well, in case you are already interested in getting some mandala elements for your current and future projects, you might be interested in the following bundles.

#1 14 Black and White Mandala Patterns

Black and White Mandala Patterns

Price: $4
This very classic black and white collection will perfectly work for multiple projects. Well, follow the link above and take a close look at this bundle.

#2 20+ Mandala Illustration. Bundle Collection

Mandala Illustration. Bundle Collection

Price: $29
A marvelous collection of mesmerizing illustrations will no doubt be extremely useful for every graphic designer, so do not hesitate and get this bundle.

#3 Relax Vectors: Mandalas, Bouquets, Flowers etc

Relax Vectors: Mandalas, Bouquets, Flowers etc

Price: $27
An adorable solution for those of you who want to get something unconventional and sweet.

#4 3 Free Flower Mandala Coloring Pages

Free Flower Mandala Coloring Pages

Price: free
In case you feel like you don’t want to work with mandalas, you can just have fun with these free coloring pages, so don’t waste your time any longer and download them now.

#5 100 Mandalas Vector Set

Mandalas Vector Set

Price: $4
A package that includes 100 unique vectors just for four bucks. Well, you know what to do.

#5 10 Awesome Black&White Mandala Patterns

Awesome Black and White Mandala Patterns

Price: $4
Last, but not least, a little collection of black and white patterns that will back you up in pretty much any sort of patterns emergency.

Wrapping Up

Mandala is a gorgeous design element that can bring any project of yours to the next level. These elaborate elements are super popular and definitely worth your attention. So if you still don’t have any mandalas in your library, just go ahead and grab some now!
Do you use mandala designs in your projects? What was your experience working with them? Feel free to share in the comment section down below!


What projects would benefit from mandala design?
It would perfectly work for blogs, certain types of online stores, artist’s websites, and beauty salons’ sites. However, you are always welcome to experiment and utilize it in other types of projects.
How much does such a bundle cost?
On average, it is about $10-$15 per bundle.
Where can I find more mandala bundles?
Check out such platforms as MasterBundles, Creative Market, or Shutterstock.
I create graphic designs myself, is there a place where I can sell those?
Sure, head to the MasterBundles Sell Your Deal page and upload your goodies today.

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Mandala Design Trend in Website Building

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