Basic Git Commands you need to Master

Basic Git Commands you need to Master

All basic commands you need to know to run git .Basic Git Commands you need to Master

In this part you will get familiar with some basic Git commands. At the end of this blog you will be able to perform certain task like

  • Set up a folder as a Git repository
  • Perform basic Git operations on your Git repository

These are those commands you must conquer

Basic Git Commands

  • At any location on your computer, create a folder named git-test.
  • Open this git-test folder in your favorite editor.
  • Add a file named index.html to this folder, and add the following HTML code to this file:
<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>Sab Batade Aapko</h1>

Initializing the folder as a Git repository

  • Go to the git-test folder in your cmd window/terminal and type the following command at the prompt to initialize the folder as a Git repository:
git init

this command will make a file named .git

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Hi all. In this blog, we will continue to explore some of the useful git commands. These commands would help when we are working on a remote shared repository.

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