How to type any math symbols using Gboard

How to type any math symbols using Gboard

This video will show you how to type math symbols in Gboard using LaTeX shortcuts.❤ Subscribe: made an importable Gboard dictiona...

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This video will show you how to type math symbols in Gboard using LaTeX shortcuts.

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I made an importable Gboard dictionary with over 850 LaTeX commands saved as shortcuts for their unicode symbol equivalent. You can download the zip folder and import it in the Gboard settings on any Android device.

1) Download the dictionary as a zip:

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2) Open the Gboard keyboard and tap the settings icon.

3) Go to Dictionary ➡ Personal Dictionary ➡ All languages

Note: If you don't see the option "All languages" after selecting "Personal dictionary", you can select any of the languages that show up to get the option to import.

4) Go to the menu and select "Import", locate the zip file, and you're done!

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