Learn Why Agencies are Teaming Up with Netlify - Jamstack at Work

Learn Why Agencies are Teaming Up with Netlify - Jamstack at Work

Netlify’s Agency Partner program is here! Learn why global agencies choose to work with Netlify and the Jamstack to deliver transformative digital experiences to customers.

Partners benefit from working with Netlify in the following ways: Generate new business opportunities: Agencies gain exposure and expertise in the growing Jamstack ecosystem by working alongside Netlify. Netlify is at the center of the modern web, and more than one million developers and businesses have joined Netlify’s platform so far. Netlify collaborates directly with client-facing teams to provide resources and support during new business meetings and client engagements. Increase development velocity and gain efficiencies: Agencies can simplify web development and complete projects faster, while using tools and frameworks developers enjoy. Netlify removes the need to manage infrastructure for agencies and their clients, and agencies can manage multiple clients in one account. Exceed client expectations: Agencies can set new standards for performance, uptime, and cost-savings in every project by embracing the Jamstack web architecture and adopting the latest development best practices. Simplify cloud infrastructure management for you and clients. We offer two agency partnership models. A Netlify Agency Partnership is for agencies that manage the Netlify experience for their customers–whether large or small. A Global Alliance Partnership is for agencies who wish to introduce Netlify to their enterprise customers. All Agency Partners are eligible for lead sharing, a dedicated account manager or access to the partner team, co-selling support, promotional opportunities, early access to new features, access to the Partner Hub and Slack, technical workshops, webinars, and more. Agencies interested in working with the Jamstack should apply. To join the program or learn more, just reach out to the partner team. Netlify recently announced an expansion to our plans. We now offer 3 team plans, ensuring your Netlify service can grow in capabilities as your business and client use-cases evolve. For agencies these plans make it easier for your developers to build better sites and work better with teammates in a more secure environment. We hope it lowers friction as agencies and their clients get started, and helps teams develop websites and apps even faster as you do more and more with the Jamstack. See our team plans for more information. We have a few events in the coming weeks for agencies. Join the Jamstack for Agencies webinar to learn about Jamstack and the opportunities for your agency with Netlify. Attend the Headless Commerce Summit to hear case studies from agencies about how Jamstack is pushing e-commerce forward. The Jamstack Conf Virtual is an event where the Jamstack community comes together to celebrate the next generation of the web.

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