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August Murray


AWS Fargate — re:Invent 2020 Updates

New updates for running containers on AWS Fargate & a comparison with other cloud offerings.

Image Credit: ECS Workshop

The highlight of re:Invent 2020 so far in terms of the container track has been the announcement of ECS/EKS anywhere to deploy containers on-premises with AWS. This announcement underpins a major theme of AWS embracing multi-/hybrid-cloud, mirroring GCP’s strategy that I covered in “Why BigQuery Omni is a Big Deal”.

In the meantime, AWS also released some new updates to AWS Fargate, a serverless offering to run containers on top of EKS/ECS. In this post, we’ll cover AWS container products, focus on Fargate and its new features, as well as comparing it against equivalent offerings from other cloud vendors.

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AWS Fargate — re:Invent 2020 Updates