Identity Brokering Datasheet

Identity Brokering Datasheet

LoginRadius SSO is a single sign-on solution that allows fast, secure access across multiple websites and apps via one single identity.

A simple and convenient way to connect to various IdPs

To link multiple service providers (SP) with different identity providers (IdP) for their authentication needs, LoginRadius is launching identity brokering. Now, by delegating their complex SSO specifications to LoginRadius, companies may configure IdPs of their choosing and give customers hassle-free social and custom login.

Furthermore, the LoginRadius Identity Brokering service provides the following functionality:

  • Businesses may choose from the list of pre-configured IdPs or pick the approved protocol to configure a custom IdP.
  • Businesses can select from various SSO protocols, such as SAML, JWT, OAuth for identity brokering, supported by LoginRadius.
  • LoginRadius supports the SAML protocol for both SP and IdP initiated SSO flows.
  • In this datasheet, you can learn how Identity Brokering uses configured IdPs to authenticate customers and take the load off businesses to do the same.

Download Datasheet:

Identity Brokering Datasheet

identity brokering datasheet identitymanagement

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