Understand JavaScript Array Methods By Rebuilding Them From Scratch

Understand JavaScript Array Methods By Rebuilding Them From Scratch

Learn How to Create an Array Class!

In life, one of the best ways to learn is through doing. JavaScript is no exception, as many concepts may seem mystifying until you learn the underlying mechanics. The abstract nature of enumerable methods (map, filter and reduce), object construction, and the prototypical nature of JavaScript objects can confuse novice programmers. Let’s clear up some of that confusion by creating an Array class.

class OurArray {
    constructor() {
        this.items = []
        this.count = this.items.length
        if (arguments.length != 0) this.create_array(arguments)

    create_array(items) {
      for(let x = 0; arguments[0].length > x; x++) {

    push(element) {
        this.items[this.count] = element
        console.log(`${element} added to ${this.count}`)
        this.count += 1
        return this.count - 1

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