Session-based Auth with Flask for Single Page Apps

Session-based Auth with Flask for Single Page Apps

This article looks at how to add session-based authentication to a Single-Page Application (SPA) powered by Flask and Svelte.

In this article, we'll look at how to authenticate Single-Page Applications (SPAs) with session-based authentication. We're going to use Flask as our backend with Flask-Login for managing sessions. The frontend will be built with Svelte, a JavaScript frontend framework designed for building rich user interfaces.

Feel free to swap out Svelte for a different tool like Angular, Vue, or React.

Session vs. Token-based Auth

What Are They?

With session-based auth, a session is generated and the ID is stored in a cookie.

After logging in, the server validates the credentials. If valid, it generates a session, stores it, and then sends the session ID back to the browser. The browser stores the session ID as a cookie, which gets sent anytime a request is made to the server.


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