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WordPress Tutorial For Beginners | Step by Step

WordPress tutorial for beginners step by step

Bluehost: https://bit.ly/2U3OI21

In this video I’m going share with you WordPress tutorial for beginners full course, you will learn step by step WordPress and also you will learn How to use WordPress to make website with practically.

Guys, I’ve explained step by step each thing that are require in WordPress to make a website with practically. after watching the video tutorial, then I hope you are able to understand WordPress.

WordPress is a free open source Content Management System which developed in Php. Inside the WordPress have Plugins and Theme, you can use any type of theme to develop the different category website.

Plugins play important role inside the WordPress Website. Behind the WordPress site have many plugins installed. If you want to a make a website in WordPress, you can easily do that.

I’ve entered each section on below.

00:00:00 Buy a Domain and Hosting From Bluehost
00:05:28 Install WordPress on Cpanel
00:12:17 WordPress Dashboard
00:20:12 Profile
00:27:43 Categories
00:35:14 Posts
00:57:18 Media
01:01:34 Pages
01:11:36 Widgets
01:26:16 Menus
01:37:01 Theme Customization

01:54:37 Plugin and User
02:13:09 Tools

OnlineITtuts Tutorials cover many topics such as Web Designing, Web Development, Programming, Database, WordPress, Blogging, Google AdSense, Digital Marketing and TipsNTicks. I was made many videos for different categories, and I will share another helpful tutorial for different topics.

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WordPress Tutorial For Beginners | Step by Step