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Staff augmentation services| Co-development Teams

With limited tech talents, most organizations are facing issues in developing the best application development for themselves, and because of which they hire remote developers and offshore vendors to work for them and manage or enhance their capabilities of in-house-team through IT Staff Augmentation.

Companies also want to have complete control over their management process, project resources, and milestone deliveries. And to gain the advantage, many IT consulting firms have started using the IT Staff Augmentation model to accomplish their targets in less time and money.

According to Statista, 44.7 percent of sales were in Technology or IT consulting worldwide in 2019. IT services have done a lot and revolutionized the industry.

But you must be wondering which top companies are giving this service and Is it beneficial or not? Don’t worry! I will mention the top 7 companies which are outsourcing IT Staff Augmentation Services.

Now let’s discuss the Top 7 IT Staff Augmentation Services:


ValueCoders is among India’s top companies for providing the best IT staff augmentation services. Since the establishment of ValueCoders, it has helped a lot of startups as well as big enterprises by giving the high-quality IT talent to achieve their business goals.

ValueCoders offers custom on-demand resources and skills, flexible staff augmentation and IT Consulting Services, and becoming the extension to the IT business.
Why choose ValueCoders?**

Expert and talented staff is there to help you.
Flexible resourcing model
Best Mobile and web development services
Get the best expert for your project according to your business needs
The technologies in which they give IT staff augmentation are:

  • Web & full-stack
  • Java & JavaScript
  • Mobility
  • Microsoft Technologies(, SharePoint, Sitecore, Xamarin)
  • E-Commerce & CMS
  • BlockChain & ML

ValueCoders is successful because it has done IT staff augmentation in multiple industries like Healthcare, Education, Media, Banking & Finance solution, Automotive, etc. And ever since the establishment of ValueCoders, it has launched over 4200+ projects with the help of 500+ employees. With all the features listed above, ValueCoders can solve many of your problems.

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Staff augmentation services| Co-development Teams
sophia tondon

sophia tondon


Unlocking Secrets Of Staff Augmentation | Perks For Enterprises & Startup

Startups face a great scarcity of tech talent to establish their companies. That’s why they have to look out for offshore vendors and remote developers. Actually, to carry out rigorous coding tasks, startups have to look for experts in particular technologies who not just code but also manage specific tasks. Hence, it enhances the overall capabilities of their in-house team, hiring developers is getting popular.

Moreover, it also enables companies to control their project resources, management process, milestone accomplishment, and deliveries.

Surely, you, too, would be looking for developers to complete your project in time. So, I have good news for startups that outsourcing isn’t the only available option out there to get their project developed. You can use the IT staff augmentation model to achieve their goal for less time and money.

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Augmented Reality Application Company| AR Services -SISGAIN

SISGAIN is a full-administration, augmented reality application development company in New York, USA. Hire augmented reality developers to assist with making the more advanced softwares for digital experience. Cooperation augmented reality development is a next-level learning and improvement arrangement. Utilizing any gadget, anyplace, Teamwork AR carries ongoing advanced change to hands on preparing. It consistently adjusts employee requirements to constant cooperation and underlying business measurements. For more information call us at +18444455767 or email us at

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Top Augmented Reality App Development Company in USA

Are you looking for an innovative and top augmented reality app development company in USA?

AppClues Infotech is an exceptional and highly scalable Augmented Reality app development services provider company based in USA and provides the greatest services worldwide with modern methodology and advanced functionalities.

Let’s discuss your ideas or share your specific requirement with us to get the right solution for your app development project.

Why choose us for Augmented Reality app development?
• Strong Technical Skill
• Agile Methodology
• Creative and Flexible Solutions
• Vast Experience
• Customer-centric Approach
• Seamless Communication
• 100 % customer satisfaction
• Competitive Price
• 24/7 Technical Support

For more info:
Call: +1-978-309-9910

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Aditya Goswami

Aditya Goswami


How To Hire Dedicated Software Development Team

We all have been agreeing that we need to take the help of top talent to fulfill the requirements of our complex tasks at some business point. Sometimes, your in-housing team fails to match client’s requirements, or we can say market needs. At that moment, you need to take one step forward and hire dedicated software development team to match the client’s requirements and market trends. Before going ahead, take a look at the dedicated development team model.

When you are going to do a partnership with a software development company, a dedicated software development team is one method. On the other hand, fixed price and time are other models. Every model has its uniqueness, benefits, and drawbacks. Let’s talk about a dedicated development team.

When clients look for a dedicated team for software development, they want to hire a team of developers to fulfill the tasks of the complex project. That team of developers collaborates with the in-housing squad, although they work remotely. They take responsibility for the project and try to make the project successful. They dedicate themselves to match all requirements of the project in the market or the latest trends.

How To Hire Dedicated Software Development Team

Dedicated software development team - Talents

  • Backend and frontend developers
  • Project manager
  • Business analysts
  • DevOps
  • UX/UI designers
  • Quality assurance engineers

When hiring a development team is a Good Choice?

  • When you have some complex project, and the in-housing team is inexperienced.

  • When you don’t have a resource of the dedicated web development team to match the complexity of your projects.

  • When you want to take your business to the next level in terms of client satisfaction and expertise.

  • When you have multiple projects aligned with the same deadlines, a software development dedicated team is an excellent choice to go with.

  • When you don’t have enough time to hire a team of developers for your in-house.

  • When you expand your business with a dedicated software development team, they take care of your specific needs and reach out to all the possible and desired objectives.

Benefits of outsourcing a dedicated team

Because of the following reasons, you need to hire development teams for your business.

When looking for a dedicated development team for hire, you do not require to spend your valuable time hiring IT specialists individually and forming a team. You also not needed to build an infrastructure for them. They will work remotely with their resources, so there is no additional cost. They can start working on your project by the time you hire dedicated team, and there is no delay or settlement needed.

Focus on the projec

The software dedicated development team you hire does the work for only your project during the set time period. So, their full focus is solely on your project.
You can also check the work process and get updates regarding your project regularly. This collaboration takes your project to the next level and provides the best satisfaction to the clients.

Flexible approach

A dedicated development team is the best choice for large-scale projects. It gives you one benefit: if you require more developers between the projects or want to cut down your team size, you can do it. Dedicated developers are very flexible; they take any issues and react to get the best output accordingly.

Maximum effect and speed

They understand your business goals and understand the importance of matching deadlines. They keep track of work progress, so they can give you the reports of completed tasks and future outlines if you ask. You will get maximum efficiency and high speed with a dedicated team for software development.

After knowing the advantages of developers outsourcing dedicated teams, we are now going to look at how to hire dedicated software development team.

How to hire dedicated software development team?

Hire a development team for your organization is a stressful task for organizations as you need to focus on several factors. I know it is a crucial task for your organization, but stress, you do not need to think about. A few ways are available to hire a dedicated software development team for your organization, like finding them from Google organic search or B2B portals.

Narrowing down your search, and select partner through:

  • Google top 10 result
  • B2B portal (Clutch)
  • Freelance workplaces (Upwork)
  • StackOverflow
  • GitHub

How to Set-up, a dedicated software development team?

After choosing your offshore partner, now it’s time to follow the process for setting up your dedicated development team.

Well-defined business objectives are needed.

You need to explain all your business requirements, including the deadline and desired workflow you wanted, development team size, and type of expertise you require.

**Assembling the team **

Individual hiring can take one or more months, but with a dedicated team model, you bring your team to your work within one week.

Talent selection

After finding a dedicated team, selected the best-qualified team for your project with factors like expertise, efficiency, tech skill, English fluency, and other aspects of your project.

Integrating the team

After selecting the team based on your skills requirements, the group joins the project in progress quickly. Now, we can say business owners take the best step to get a business boost soon in the market.

Criteria that you need to look at while hiring a dedicated team.

With this model, you hire a development team and start working on your project like your in-housing team. For making any product successful, you must have to look for the right developers and team members. Here we will look at a few criteria you need to keep in mind while hiring a dedicated development team.

Portfolio: Take note that whether the team you are hiring is proved the portfolio or not

Reviews: Take a look at the reviews of that dedicated team.

Skillset: Make sure the dedicated team matches all the skills you require.

Language: Take note that the dedicated team has a good command of language.

Cost: Make sure the decided price is not beyond your budget.

The number of members: Based on your project deadline, decide the number of developers you require.

Wrapping Up

Being a business person, everyone wants the best for their business. No one wants their business to perform poorly and not be able to fulfill the market requirements. If your business is going in the wrong direction, it is time for you to call a dedicated team to lift your business up.

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Rahim Makhani

Rahim Makhani


Find the best AR App Development company for your business

Augmented reality is one of the exciting technologies that has made its way through the competitive market in recent years. Unlike virtual reality that creates a fully virtual environment around the user, AR integrates virtual objects into existing surroundings. This makes it more interactive and real.

AR can become a very great tool for any industry but the gaming industry will use it more often and medical industries also. It is already used in many apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Lenskart, Google Lens, and much more.

Nevina Infotech is the best augmented reality app development company that will guide you to develop an AR app for your business. We have the best developers that will develop your app according to your requirement.

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